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  1. valdavis

    Lean Legs and Abs

    Thanks for asking Guru. I did do it on Saturday. This was my sixth one ( I have done one every month for the past 6 months) and my goal was to get below two hours. My time was 1:56 so I was pretty darn happy. My legs are not feeling like doing much today however. Not super sore....but not...
  2. valdavis

    Lean Legs and Abs

    thumbs up I got my videos on Monday but had a half marathon on tap for Saturday so I was holding off on doing any.( Did Flex) I did LLA today and wasn't sure if it was a smart idea the day after my run, but it was perfect. I might be kicking myself tomorrow but I liked the new moves and the...
  3. valdavis

    Ohhhh, how I miss Cathe.....

    Way to Go!! Awesome and good for you! For me the races are all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and seeing if I can do it. There is a natural progression through the course of the race: Start out feeling nervous but excited, get into the groove and think "I can do this", hit the...
  4. valdavis

    Ohhhh, how I miss Cathe.....

    How did your race go? I have been running for the past year or so and did my first half in May. Word of caution...races are addictive. I am not super fast but more people finish after me then before me. I am now getting ready to do my 5th half in as many months next weekend. But I am also...
  5. valdavis

    UP Jawbone vs. Fitbit

    NY times review I thought this article was fairly helpful.
  6. valdavis

    Help with sports bras

    Jeanne...I have done that same thing before. Sadly it doesn't always work. I am built with 'not much in the front seat' but a whole lot of junk in the trunk. There is nothing worse than feeling that panic and worry that I am going to have to call my husband in to cut the thing off of me! ha...
  7. valdavis

    Help with sports bras

    I am small chested ( 34A) and typically don't wear a bra when I work out at home. However, I have recently gotten into running outdoors and feel the need to wear a bra out in public and do appreciate the support. The problem I have is I cannot stand pull over running bras or compression tanks...
  8. valdavis

    HELP needed for new pool owner !

    We had a pool for the last four years we lived in Texas. It is the one thing I miss now that I live in Northern California. We hired a service that did just the chemicals. They came in every Monday morning and would do the chemicals and be out in around 5 minutes. Once or twice a year they...
  9. valdavis

    Dick's sporting goods new running series

    Dick's sporting goods is doing a 13 week series of short videos about "What do you run for" They have already done the first 3 weeks. Be prepared to get teary eyed on the first two. Run For - Dick's Sporting Goods
  10. valdavis

    What is your last workout for 2012?

    Woke up to a beautiful but slightly chilly morning so I went for a 5 mile run. When I got home my husband wanted to go out in our kayak so we paddled around the bay for 3 miles. The water was so calm but my hands were a bit chilly. Great way to end the year.
  11. valdavis

    Wrapping paper- how long can you leave it?

    I tried to bag it as we unwrapped but my 15 year old son told me I had to stop. He insists on ending up with paper all over the floor. He says its how things are supposed to be on Christmas morning. He then does his salute to Randy on "A Christmas Story" and acts like he is asleep in the mess...
  12. valdavis

    ADHD med question

    My son is 15 and was diagnosed with ADD ( no H) during 4th grade. the first meds we tried were Focalin. He started on 5 mg and has progressed up to 15. It has been wonderful. He has never had any be reactions to it. We are lucky that he can skip it on the weekends and holidays. I teach...
  13. valdavis

    Todays lesson a trampoline is not a rebounder

    What fun After reading your post, I did a search and there is a place here in San Francisco! Now I just have to convince someone to go with me.
  14. valdavis

    Which nut butter is everyone enjoying?

    I assume Trader Joe's Cookie Butter doesn't count! That stuff is pure evil goodness. I usually stick to almond butter.
  15. valdavis

    Students suspended for riding bikes to school

    I live in the San Francisco area and a couple of weeks ago we also had ride your bike to school one day followed by ride you bike to work the next day. It's an annual event here. Our kids got a treat for riding to school. I loved that some of the kids I teach that live to far to ride all the way...
  16. valdavis

    DFW Catheites. Please. I need your HELP!!

    If you are going with Arlington, north is typically better than south. If you choose Fort Worth, the area near the zoo is very nice but I am not sure if it's in your price range. Around TCU, the university, you can find some nice places as well. My sister lived in Irving for a long time but it's...
  17. valdavis

    DFW Catheites. Please. I need your HELP!!

    You also should try and figure out exactly which area of DFW you are wanting to live in. The DFW area is quite a lot of territory. I laugh when I watch House Hunters and they find a home that is only 10 or 15 miles from their target area since I know that might not be a long distance but the...
  18. valdavis

    Summer Fun

    I live in the bay area too. I got out on my paddle board and enjoyed the weather. I am going to get a kayak this summer and hopefully do some longer trips. The traffic out to the beach was crazy. I had trouble just trying to get to the store I am so gad I didn't plan on heading out there...
  19. valdavis

    Don't Cry for Me Argentina

    In order to change things up, I am going through an oldies phase. I had planned on running today but it was a little to windy here in northern California so I pulled out MIC! Wow! I forgot how difficult but fun this one was. I almost didn't make it to the end but knew if I did I got to sing...
  20. valdavis

    Afterburn: Two Thumbs Up!

    Checking After Burn off the list I just finished after burn. This is my third workout of the series. It was another great one. Fast moving ...which means you can't sneak out in between moves! Had a good variety of evil and slightly less evil cardio sections to make me feel like I could...