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  1. UNLVCrjChick

    Plyo Hiit 1

    While this one was challenging, it is still much easier than 40/20 to me, and I was able to do the one arm burpees without issues: one arm burpees don't compare to butt kicks over the step! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. UNLVCrjChick

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    Let me clarify, at no point did I think she was getting a pooch. My first reaction was, "the top is riding up," and that's only because I have several Feel Fit Wear shirts that do. It's one of the reasons why I don't really purchase much from them anymore. I think Cathe has always looked...
  3. UNLVCrjChick

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    Well that's the thing: she was wearing Feel Fit Wear for those series, too. Not every top rides up, but the ones she wore in Low Impact Series do, especially the one in Afterburn (I have a top just like that one, and I'm always having to pull it down: so annoying). Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. UNLVCrjChick

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    Cathe was wearing Feel Fit Wear in Low Impact Series and those tops have a tendency to ride up while you're moving, and this gives the impression of a slight belly. I have several Feel Fit Wear tops and the same thing happens to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. UNLVCrjChick

    Cathe Live issue - cant access

    Hello, I previously asked Cathe this question about having issues with accessing Cathe live on my Samsung tv but she responded that the website server isn't down. However, after speaking with a samsung technician, the issue seems to be that the website uses adobe flash for the live streaming...
  6. UNLVCrjChick

    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    Excited! I too would love to see a HiiT Spin workout. Pretty please?
  7. UNLVCrjChick

    Not sold on the streaming subscription

    Hi Curt, I have a Samsung smart tv and a wifi network. I also have a blu ray player that connects to the Internet. Can I use either the tv or the blu ray player to stream? Do I need an extra device to stream if I use the tv?
  8. UNLVCrjChick

    Any filming this year?

    I second that. Bag work is fun but difficult.
  9. UNLVCrjChick

    Two different rotations for January

    Thank you so much for posting; I definitely like this one a lot more!
  10. UNLVCrjChick

    Input please on Lucilene capris - FFW

    I have several capris from Feel Fit Wear and these are my favorite, although they do ride down the butt a bit. Also, whatever the size chart says, go up a size, as Feel Fit Wear fits small.
  11. UNLVCrjChick

    Dec 2013 Timesaver Rotation

    Thanks for posting: perfect timing, as I've been exhausted lately and doing shorter workouts anyway! Do you know when this will be added to Workout Manager? I'm also pleased to report I LOST weight during Thanksgiving (how is that possible? I even cheated!) so I fully intend on losing during...
  12. UNLVCrjChick

    I just don't understand this...

    I'm in the same boat. Calculators tell me I'm around 30% body fat but I wear XS and small tops and size 6/8 bottoms. There is no way that is obese. The only way to truly calculate body fat accurately is to do one of those hydro-emersion tests or whatever they're called. BMI is obviously a...
  13. UNLVCrjChick

    Who has a tattoo, and where?

    I thought about getting the Invisible Pink Unicorn, too! It would be part of a charm on an ankle bracelet. I ended up getting the tattoo covering the tummy tuck scar. Ouchie is all I'll say, although parts of the scar were numb. It's of a blooming lotus blossom with vines running down the...
  14. UNLVCrjChick

    Who has a tattoo, and where?

    I know this is an old thread but wanted to comment. I have three: a butterfly on my left ankle, a turtle with a hibiscus flower that covers up a surgical scar on my stomach, and a little hammerhead shark on my inside right wrist. May get a tattoo today to cover my 13 year old tummy tuck scar...
  15. UNLVCrjChick

    name that song please

    One of them is Scream and Shout by and Britney Spears. The other, no clue.
  16. UNLVCrjChick

    Firewalker Bands

    I've had my Cathe fire walker bands for two years (or longer) and they're still in perfect condition.
  17. UNLVCrjChick


    70 jeans??? Wow: I have only 5 or so. Jean shopping is so hard when all your weight is in your thighs and you have a small waist!
  18. UNLVCrjChick

    Why do you overeat?

    Because I'm hungry. I'm always hungry so keeping my weight off is very, very difficult, and my weight constantly fluctuates.
  19. UNLVCrjChick

    X10 Step Review

    I figured out why I was so tired: the next day I woke up with a sore throat and now I have a full blown upper respiratory infection. Goes to show I need to listen to my body more and should not have pushed it beyond the Step section when it wasn't feeling it.