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  1. Ffte

    I'm thinking about buying an Ipad...

    Once you load the video in itunes you can then sync it to your iPad. Here is a link with the specifics. Watch videos on your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Computer | Cathe Downloads It's quite easy and I did it with her STS Cardio series. Now if I can just figure out how to get to the site that...
  2. Ffte

    Did first Turbo Fire today

    I'm on the fence about ordering this. I'm not a huge fan of the music in Turbo Jam. I typically really like the music Cathe uses (which offers a variety of music with only a little club/dance music). I saw some of the previews and agree that some of the lyrics are a bit "goofy". I'm not...
  3. Ffte

    Flat screen TV dead

    While the problem could be a couple things my first guess would also be the power supply. The power strip would have nothing to do with a bad power supply (the power supply is internal to the TV). You may want to check the circuit breaker on the power strip to make sure it didn't trip. If you...
  4. Ffte

    Turbo Fire

    I know I'll probably cave and get the basic set, but I'm holding out for reviews. The greatest thing about TurboFire being released is that it managed to make me get my butt back here after a few months to check out reviews. :D
  5. Ffte

    How does one stop being a worrier?

    You asked about book ideas. Try "When things fall apart" by Pema Choldron (sp?) I'm not a worrier by nature so I don't know if this will help but I can't imagine it will hurt. ;) I'll warn you the book is based on Buddhist principles, but I don't think it interfere with any religious...
  6. Ffte


    I assume it'll be on your local PBS station. It's been broadcast from PBS for as long as I can remember.
  7. Ffte

    Chalene Extreme NEW workouts...

    I looked at the deluxe upgrade (through Team Beachbody) and the deluxe package includes 7 extra "deluxe" workouts, plus a bunch of equipment already have for twice the price. Anyone know if it's really worth it? Description of Deluxe package: Along with everything in your CE Circuit Training...
  8. Ffte

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANCY 324!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Nancy, Enjoy the weekend celebrations. :cool:
  9. Ffte

    Help with INSANITY

    I was able to search and find this post from mid-last year... The above is just a suggested rotation. You can tailor it to fit your needs. That was just the first months rotation. Somewhere there is a full one posted...
  10. Ffte

    A Little Humor for Monday

    Cute! Did I recognize one of those pups? And if so, I hope you went with the bean burrito. ;) :p
  11. Ffte

    bayerngirl update

    Thanks for the update. Hang in there.
  12. Ffte

    bayerngirl back in the Hospital

    Oh Dear, I first saw this just now, I hope everything is okay :(
  13. Ffte

    The problem with America...

    Hee! Thanks, that made my day. :D
  14. Ffte

    Mineral makeup users ... how often to wash your brushes

    I'm with Jann, I just wash mine with shampoo or liquid hand soap when I notice a difference in how it goes on. I don't wear makeup every day either (especially in the winter). When I do it's usually just foundation.
  15. Ffte

    Looking for a good book - humor

    Wow, an overwhelming recommendation for Sarah Vowell. I'll have to check her out and pick one of hers. Thanks everyone. :) Plus I have a list of books to check out on my own too. I love you guys....
  16. Ffte

    Looking for a good book - humor

    The Plum book series is a great suggestion, but both me and another member has already read most of them. I'll have to check out the dunces book and the authors suggested. Thanks!
  17. Ffte

    Getting Ready for the Weekend Movie Recommendation Thread

    I can't think of 3 great movies, unless I go way way back for the third. So my 2 would be 1. Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood 2. Up (which was already mentioned)
  18. Ffte

    Looking for a good book - humor

    I've discovered some great books from the Cathletes here, and it's my turn to pick a book for my book club in a few weeks, so I'm coming back to the well. :D I'm looking for something humorous, first of all. It can be fiction, non-fiction, or inspirational and either old or new. I'm not a...
  19. Ffte

    Did the 100!!!!

    Nan, WTG!!! But following that up with STS back and chest, now that's simply insanity at it's best (or would that be worst :p) Seriously though, you deserve to be proud. I see a salt bath in your future. :D
  20. Ffte

    Anyone watch "Lost"?

    Another Lost fan here. It's a close battle with Fringe for my favorite show. Is it Feb 2nd yet? :) Oh and Flash Forward is on hiatus till after the Olympics? :(