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  1. lizh

    Intermittent Fasting ( IF)

    I tried eating in the 8 hour window and didn't have any results. A guy I work with did though and lost weight. My husband did 5:2 (2 low calorie days a week) and lost about 20 pounds. I haven't tried it (I was doing weight watchers and wanted to stick with one thing at a time) I heard that...
  2. lizh

    Debating on where to live/move - need advice!

    My vote is CITY!! Living across the street from work may feel like you never go anywhere or do anything! (except work) On the days that your commute is long, use the time as "me-time" or explore the world of podcasts and learn new things. (they have podcasts on every subject imaginable!)...
  3. lizh

    Poll: Best rotation?

    This is a great thread! I don't often do rotations (and feel like I should) so this great information. thanks! Liz
  4. lizh

    Step Blast makes me so happy

    Thanks everyone! You inspired me to pull out Step Blast today. Now I'm a sweaty mess! So fun! Just a small note to newcomers who may be intimidated by the choreography...for the record, I'm a clutz and I worked away at this a few times and then one day "poof" I could do it and it is so...
  5. lizh

    Weight Watchers Anyone???

    I recently re-joined weight watchers since I really want to lose about 10-15 pounds. I'm going to the "in person" meetings" and tracking online. It has only been a couple of weeks so not much to report. I really want to get these stupid pounds off so my plan was to do everything possible to...
  6. lizh

    Just ordered

    I just ordered, too...and of course used the opportunity to buy a couple others to fill in my collection of Cathe. I couldn't pass it up. Liz
  7. lizh

    Where to start?

    Awesome reply DirtDiva!
  8. lizh

    Not Cathe!

    I like Kelly Coffey Meyer. I heard about her on this forum. (However i still believe Cathe is the best though.) Liz
  9. lizh

    Need weight suggestions

    Hi there, I currently own dumbells that 3lb, 5lb, 8lb, and 10lb. I am doing XTrain and really need 12 lb but then I see Cathe and the girls using 25 and 30lb!! So I hope that I will need even heavier weight in the near future. A set of 12lb cost about $40.00 so as I progress needing...
  10. lizh

    Invisible 50s

    Hey everyone! Interesting thread! Thanks for telling me about White House | Black Market. I had never heard of that store before and just signed up for their newsletter. I'm 53 and I want to stay looking great. Do you have any other stores like WHBM that have current styles for us 50-ers...
  11. lizh

    4DS LI & HI Step

    Natasha, Just wanted to tell you that I was sorry to hear about your sweet dear cat. So sad. from one fan of 4DS to another. Liz
  12. lizh

    Down 10% of my body weight!!

    Congrats! You are an inspiration! Liz
  13. lizh

    I need help with steel cut oats!

    I love steel cut oats! I usually buy Bob's Red Mill or the one in the red cardboard cannister (can't remember the name.) If you do them on the stove, then you can keep an eye on them and stop cooking when they are still soupy...if that is the way you like them. Keep trying, they are so worth...
  14. lizh

    Am I the only one???

    I'm glad to hear I am not alone! I haven't received mine yet either. I ordered at the end of Oct. and live in San Diego. I'm hoping they arrive today.
  15. lizh

    I Need to Vent

    Feel free to vent. I have this problem too, since I'm a really hard worker and I have a big workload. It used to drive me nuts...some days it still does. I can't believe the story about the guy sleeping in his office every afternoon!! ...see? It could be worse! I love my job and I...
  16. lizh

    Workouts for Over 60

    Did you over 60 gals order Xtrain? I pre-ordered but was wondering if it would be good for me. Liz
  17. lizh

    Any Thoughts on Brown Rice?

    Jeff Novick just mentioned a great way to cook brown rice and reduce the amount of arsenic: Q & A?s Hope it helps! liz
  18. lizh

    tutorial videos

    Hi there, I would suggest ...if you are doing a new routine, just keep going through..don't bother trying to "get" every move. It is amazing...the next time you attempt the DVD, you will get a lot further is like magic! I'm amazed at the progress I've made! is so much fun...
  19. lizh

    As you get older ... weight train more or cardio more?

    Thanks everyone! This thread has given me some good food for thought. I'm 52. Liz
  20. lizh

    As you get older ... weight train more or cardio more?

    Can you guys share with me a few of your favorite total body workouts? Thanks! Liz