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  1. missw716

    Where is Cedie??

    I'm still holding out hope that Lorraine will make an appearance...
  2. missw716

    Group Shot of Low Impact HiiT One

    Can't wait for this one!!!
  3. missw716

    About Plyo HiiT Two

    I love those outfits!!!
  4. missw716

    What exactly is a HiiT Workout?

    UH ohh!!! Looks like trouble...
  5. missw716

    June 2014 Rotation

    Thanks Cathe!
  6. missw716

    Party Rockin Step 1 No Fan

    Thanks for the tips Firemedic!!! That helped a lot. I subbed in the rock back and front and it was perfect. I couldn't get the count right on Combo 5, so now I know to make it to the mambo on count 9 and I'm okay. It was still pretty rough, just like Cathe said once I got to the left, but I got...
  7. missw716


    Here's another request for the maximum fat loss rotation...
  8. missw716

    Party Rockin Step 1 No Fan

    After seeing this thread, I decided to give this one a try again. I had pretty much given up. There were so many turns that it made me dizzy and I just couldn't seem to get the choreography. That was really frustrating because I love step and I have mastered RS, 4DS, step moves, etc. I managed...
  9. missw716

    Another "Name that XTRain song"

    Thank you for helping us find all these songs Jesse. You are so good at this.
  10. missw716

    Dec 2013 Timesaver Rotation

    Can't download Dec. rotation Hi Cathe, I can't seem to download the Dec. rotation. The most recent rotation I see in the workout manager is the Nov. rock hard bottoms rotation.
  11. missw716

    Song in Combo 5 PRS2

    Hi Cathe, Could you (or anyone who knows) tell me the name of the second song in PRS2. It actually carries over into combo 6. Thanks!
  12. missw716

    Nov 2013 Rotation

    Thanks Cathe. Looking forward to this one. I see lots of my favorites in there. :D
  13. missw716

    X10 X77

    I'm so proud of myself!!! I saved X77 from the rotation to Saturday, and used lighter weights. I think this month's rotation helped my endurance. Yeah me!! :p:D
  14. missw716

    Surprised when reading dvd reviews

    Unfortunately, nowadays, too many people haven't been taught that lesson.
  15. missw716


    Well, you are my hero. Cathe has that on the rotation to do X10 77 in its entirety, and I just don't think I can do that. I have to work up to 77 minute of that. For me 2-3 back to back is plenty.:p
  16. missw716

    New Video October Rotation

    I am so excited for this rotation. I love the X-train series, and TTM and CF. Now, we get to mix it all up with the new workouts. Thank you, thank you, thank you Cathe! :D
  17. missw716

    Quick reviews

    Where is the October rotation?
  18. missw716

    Quick reviews

    X10 is killer!!! Oh my goodness, was all I could say. What did I get myself into? The other day, I woke up late and only had time for a short workout, so I did X41 (Low Impact and Fat burning Circuit), and it was a great workout, not too bad. So this morning, I thought I would be adventurous and...
  19. missw716

    Rockout Knockout

    I enjoyed this one too. I absolutely adore Hard strikes, and I'm happy to have a new kickbox with more kicking. I like the new combos as well. I hope she keeps these coming!!!