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  1. FitVicky

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Hello Everyone... just a quick drive by. We got hit hard here...about 30 inches and crazy winds with lightening and thunder. So amazing but very cold. I'm snowed in at work..the hospital but at least its warm and we have power restored already. So anyway no workouts...just work. I...
  2. FitVicky

    Fitness for building physique types

    Cathe, I am well aware that there are a multitude of training techniques available. My question is this ....there are 3 classes for women in bodybuilding and the one I would like to train towards (not to compete but just for myself) is the Bikini Class. I also know that you (as well as...
  3. FitVicky

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Katie...I hope it's just a temporary slump for Henry. To have a dog for 15 years is like a lifetime and yet not long enough. They are members of the family. I'm glad to hear that you got your workout in today and that you don't have any residual pain from the accident. I hope your son is well...
  4. FitVicky

    You Can Do It!!!

    Hi Terri, Thanks so much for sharing your story of your success. They really make a difference for those of us searching these boards for inspiration as I am today. Your dedication and commitment to your health and fitness are to be admired. Good luck on your future competitions. Vicky
  5. FitVicky

    One year with Cathe

    Hi Cinlou, You go girl! Keep it up & congrats! Vicky
  6. FitVicky

    Thank you Cathe!! I am now a figure competitor!!

    Jennifer, Thanks for sharing your journey; you look amazing. Your story is an true testament to the changes one can achieve if they really want it and exactly what I was looking for in reading the Success Story forums. Thanks so much for sharing and good luck in your future competitions...
  7. FitVicky

    100+ pounds gone forever!

    Wow, you look amazing! So proud of you and the changes you have made. It must be difficult to fit in fitness and nutrition when you work 12 hour night shifts. Congrats!:D Vicky
  8. FitVicky

    I thought I was the only one

    Lovinglife, I agree! Cathe's workouts are in a league all of their own. I have four sisters, none of whom would ever consider doing a challenging workout like Cathe's. It's very frustrating because I want them to all be around and healthy as we age together. Maybe someday...I will keep trying.
  9. FitVicky

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Katied....omg you must be really shaken, thank goodness you're both ok. There are kind people in this world....I'm so glad that you met three of them today. I'm saying a little prayer for you tonight that you do not experience any residual effects of the impact. Take care. Vicky
  10. FitVicky

    Weight work 3 times a week?

    Soooooo sorry. I guess I missed the "FULL BODY" part of the question. :)
  11. FitVicky

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Eva, We were posting at the same time :) Yes, I love Combat and I do have Les Mills Pump as well. It's an excellent program and I think you would love it! It's high reps/lower weights with a barbell and fantastic music by the actual recording artists. Highly recommend it. Thanks for...
  12. FitVicky

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Hey Guys, Renee: So sorry you were feeling so down. I hope today is a better day :) I think we've all been there so don't give it a thought. We are here for you. Katied: Wow, two 100 rep challenges yesterday! Impressive! I have only tried the Hip Thrusts. I am soooo happy that I got...
  13. FitVicky

    Anyone coming from MA or CT??

    Hi Melissa I was thinking either Thursday night or Friday morning. We could probably work something out. I was looking at the train also. Vicky
  14. FitVicky

    XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation

    Hi Gals, Renee...Yes, I love Combat. I get so caught up in the fun with the trainers that I couldn't actually tell you what music is in the videos, lol. I find these cardio workouts really complement Cathe's strength workouts because they are so different and cardio intensive. And no...
  15. FitVicky

    Post SuperBowl Workout

    Unfortunately I ended up doing Taxes 2012 yesterday and never got my workout in. At least they are done and out of the way. Now, it's off to do Cardio Leg BLast, which I love and Chest, Back Shoulders. Vicky
  16. FitVicky

    So, what is your fav Xtrain workout?

    It is difficult to pick just one. I really love the burn sets for strength...the time just seems to fly and my muscles are really pumped afterward. I know that I have hit them hard. For cardio/metabolic conditioning...probably Hard Strikes and Supercuts. Really like this one! But I do love...
  17. FitVicky


    Jo, I agree! Totally loving this seris although Cathe is definately kicking my butt with DOMS! I have noticed changes in my clothes and I am lifting heavier in all muscle groups. I am so pleased. Your training method sounds interesting. I am currently doing Cathe's 90 day undulating...
  18. FitVicky


    Me too, Renee Just wondering, Jo or DirtDiva, if you feel any pain or discomfort during this workout. I just worry that I will have pain or joint problems from the impact of hitting the bag (I know you wear gloves). Just wondering before I make any further purchases. Vicky
  19. FitVicky

    Cardio leg blast extreme

    Wow, you guys are amazing. I have to work up to the extreme workouts, I guess. I did tackle the 100 rep Hip Thrusts and completed them all :D Vicky
  20. FitVicky

    100 rep challenges ?

    Cathe say that you can do the 100 rep challenges on the same day that you work that corresponding muscle but never the day after. So you can do the bicep 100 rep challenge on Bi's and Tri's day...but not the next as you should not work that muscle two consecutive days as it needs a day to rest...