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  1. kirsten777

    Specific Order to doing Shock Cardio?

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the order is for doing the shock cardio. I saw in one of the posts that Cathe said we should do them in a certain order because of different intensity levels. And I thought I read that somewhere else as well, but of course, now I can't find it! I also...
  2. kirsten777

    Help! Cooking Garbanzo beans after soaking...

    all the recipe says is to cook for an hour - at what heat? Do I bring to a boil and then simmer, boil for an hour (doubt that, but thought I'd throw it in there), or medium heat the whole time???? BTW, trying some recipes in Tosca's new cookbook, great cookbook, looks like some wonderful...
  3. kirsten777

    Barbell Question

    Thanks!!! Last week I inadvertently did 30lbs for my triceps, and surprise, could barely do 5 reps!
  4. kirsten777

    Barbell Question

    If I want my barbell to be 17 lbs, is it 17 lbs on each end, or 17 lbs split up evenly between both ends?:o Thanks!! Kirsten
  5. kirsten777

    Advice for STS

    Hi, This past Saturday, I walked a 1/2 marathon (made it 8.5 miles). The blisters I got on my pinky toes are the worst I have ever had. I cannot workout right now because when I wear shoes I can barely walk, and my legs are so sore that using them for walking slowly is about all I can...
  6. kirsten777

    Thoughts on finishing STS minus the leg discs...

    Hi Melissa, I think that is one of the beauties of the STS program is that you can do whichever parts you can. So, I don't think you should stop the whole program, and maybe once your knees feel better modify some of the leg exercises, that's what I have to do so I don't wreck my knees more...
  7. kirsten777

    Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle?

    Hi Workoutaholic! Could I also bother you for your summary? My email is [email protected] Thanks so much! Kirsten
  8. kirsten777

    Tickers keep changing my answers to "no"

    Hi, I want both the STS ticker and the weight loss ticker to show up in my posts. I click to do that, and then update, at which point it shows as "yes." When I post in the forum, they don't show up. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks! Kirsten
  9. kirsten777

    So will you get the shot?

    Not me! I got one flu shot once, and got sicker than I have ever been in my life for 3 freaking weeks! No thanks. Kirsten
  10. kirsten777

    Workout Manager Calendar

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to delete everything on the calendar in one or two clicks, instead of having to delete each individual workout, one at a time. It is quite time consuming if you make a mistake and want to start over. TIA! Kirsten
  11. kirsten777

    Cathe, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Hi Cathe, I just wanted to tell you how much I am loving STS - despite the soreness :p I just finished week 1 of meso 1. You are so fantastic and inspiring and REAL - I remember doing workouts that Cosmopolitan Mag used to put out. "Exercisers" that looked like kewpie dolls with no muscle...
  12. kirsten777

    Week 1 of Meso 1 done!

    God I love this workout!!!!! This is by far the best investment I have ever made in myself! The workouts are hard as hell, but I'm doing good, I am so proud of myself. yay STS! BTW, a file folder is perfect for the paper plate exercises on carpet - if you don't have a paper plate. Kirsten
  13. kirsten777

    Can't Print STS Card

    Thank you! Mine is working now. Kirsten:D
  14. kirsten777

    Can't Print STS Card

    Hi, I just finished all my 1RM's and wanted to print out a workout card, but when I click on STS, it says "one moment please" and then nothing but white space in the middle of the screen. thanks! Kirsten
  15. kirsten777

    STS O M G!

    Okay, I've been doing my 1RM reps, have finally completed 12 discs - if doing this is close to killing me I am going to be dragging when I do the actual rotation!!!! But I love it!!!! :D Also, whoever was complaining about the fact that exercises repeat themselves, all I can say is thank...
  16. kirsten777

    Time Magazine: Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

    One thing that really pisses me off about this article, though I haven't had a chance to read the whole thing - I was getting too mad!, is I have lost 40 lbs so far doing cardio and strength training (thank you Cathe!) in conjunction with clean eating! And I eat a lot, between 1800 - 2100...
  17. kirsten777

    Question for personal trainers

    Thanks for the responses everyone! I was thinking the same thing, Annette, when the time comes, and I get all my different certifications, they will be prominently displayed on my the website I'll be creating! If someone is going to go to all that work and expense to study and take the exams...
  18. kirsten777

    Question for personal trainers

    Hi, Is there a way to find out if someone really is certified by who they say they are? He has the icons for IDEA and ISSA, but doesn't list any specific certifications - so I am a bit skeptical. He is a former pro-football player who runs bootcamps - for some reason that seems to be the...
  19. kirsten777

    Obesity costs $147 BILLION in 2008

    The only way to even get a start on the obesity epidemic is to start with the top 4 agri-businesses that have altered our food to point where there is little nutritional value, and have saturated (no pun intended) the market with food that has more chemicals than actual natural, real...
  20. kirsten777

    Some more great quotes...

    I keep finding all these great quotes, and wanted to share :D Enjoy your Sunday! "Faith is taking the first step...even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King "The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them...