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  1. bonvivant

    Has the Cathe 2018 Calendar shipped?

    They shipped today. I use informed delivery and a package was shipped from Glassboro this afternoon. Should be here by Friday.
  2. bonvivant

    Clips after DVD authoring?

    Thanks! I asked because you're starting the authoring soon. This project is moving along so fast, I wondered if there would be time to make clips. Moving so much post-production in house has really sped up the process. I'm really impressed.
  3. bonvivant

    Clips after DVD authoring?

    Hi. I know you're busy getting Fit Split ready, but do you think you'll be able to post clips after the authoring is done?
  4. bonvivant

    Announcing Cathe's New Advanced Fit Tower DVDs!

    Do you have an estimate of how long we have until the next price increase? A couple of weeks? A month?
  5. bonvivant

    Video Clip of Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam

    Looks amazing! Is this the one with the pop up that shows modifications? Edit: I totally missed the answer to my question in the description. In my defense, I was really excited to see a clip. :D
  6. bonvivant

    Music used in Xtrain?

    That's Stand Alone by Dyce:
  7. bonvivant

    Video clips?

    Hi! Is there an updated ETA for clips?
  8. bonvivant

    Amazon FireTV

    Thank you for the response, Curt! And for the browser tip. Looking forward to what you all have in store for us. Have a great day.
  9. bonvivant

    Amazon FireTV

    Is Cathe OnDemand going yo be made available on FireTV?
  10. bonvivant

    Cathe Music Downloads

    Hi! Would you mind allowing Amazon to add your old music downloads to libraries? It would allow those who purchased the mp3s to stream from the Amazon app and re download the files if they are lost. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. bonvivant


    MominVT, the discs sold by Beachbody for use with Piyo are very similar.
  12. bonvivant

    Time to Celebrate! We're Now Finished With Ripped With HiiT!

    Yay! Just in time to burn off some holiday cookies...
  13. bonvivant

    Our 27th Cathe Live Production

    Thanks! Btw, that thumbnail is making me rethink doing this one tomorrow. I'm scared now!
  14. bonvivant

    Our 27th Cathe Live Production

    Hmm... I'm not seeing this week's videos. I have of them through last week's, but not today's.
  15. bonvivant

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    You never stated it wasn't. No matter, if you weren't talking about this forum, it would've been nice for you to clarify. The discussion lead you to imply you were talking about this forum. Here what goes?!?! I wasn't rude or mean to you. Disagreeing with someone is not an attack.
  16. bonvivant

    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    This thread? I participated in that thread. The only problem anyone had was misuse of the word fructose. One poster said your thread title was BS. No one was beating up on you. Ordinarily, I wouldn't care about something like this, but...
  17. bonvivant

    How long have you been a Cathlete?

    I did my first Cathe workout in August 2004. It was one of the Slow and Heavy workouts from FitTV. I was so sore the next day! I miss FitTV, too. Such an awesome network.