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  1. MommaPew

    Boss Bands & Loops

    I suspect the bands and loops are both cloth (fabric) per her email vs the elastic type ones.
  2. MommaPew

    Im Back!!!

    Oh just WOW. Glad to hear you haven’t lost your love of fitness.
  3. MommaPew

    Cathe New Series Perfect 30 workouts?

    For the weight workouts I’m really hoping for the 8 rep range. Looking forward to the yoga workouts as I’m concentrating on my flexibility this year but really only enjoy half hour of it. Anymore of that and my mind just wanders.
  4. MommaPew


    Would love to see a workout with the BOSU incorporated. Doesn’t have to be the whole workout. Just adding it in with several exercises.
  5. MommaPew

    Any Canadian Cathletes get DVD's yet ?

    I’m in Oakville too. We should meet up.
  6. MommaPew

    Any Canadian Cathletes get DVD's yet ?

    Got mine today. Outside Toronto. The pyramid disc was loose though. Hopefully it plays okay.
  7. MommaPew

    Cathe Live on iphone

    So does the lightening adapter just plug from your phone direct to your tv so you don't need the Apple TV to stream? Is that it's purpose? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. MommaPew

    S&S Boot Camp Premix error

    Actually your response didn't indicate they were left out on purpose. When I read your response I wondered too if replacement discs were required. I do agree that your responses do require abut more empathy to them.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. MommaPew

    PHA+Bonus Abs

    I've also been considering going an extra riser for the legs (rather than heavier in weight). I'm 5'6 so I wonder if anyone at least 4" taller than Cathe should be going a bit higher. During the 2A-C part my forearms are about to give out so I don't think I'm ready to go heavier on the legs...
  10. MommaPew

    Workout Manager

    I'm presuming they just haven't added the icons yet and it's on their to do list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. MommaPew

    PHA+Bonus Abs

    Just did this one (minus Abs) and loved it. Fast paced and deceptive. My heart rate really got up on the 2nd grouping. Glad I can go heavy on these.
  12. MommaPew

    Love Ramped Up Upper Body!

    Just did this one now - I think it's my new favourite Upper Body workout - works you hard with heavy weights and under 1hr. Fast paced but not frantic. I like how Cathe gives you time to get your weights out for each set.
  13. MommaPew

    Anyone in Canada receive their calendar yet?

    I see on the tracking information they have posted they have identified a problem with it. So at least it's in the process still and not just lost[emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. MommaPew

    Anyone in Canada receive their calendar yet?

    Just wondering. I quite often get mine on Xmas Eve. This year it seems to be bouncing around NJ in several post office stations. First it's in Bellmawr NJ then in Philadelphia then back to Bellmawr then Philadelphia and now seems to be holding in Bellmawr. I know I'll get it sooner or later...
  15. MommaPew

    Physics in Relation to Barbell Length & Plate Density

    With regard to the 8# dumbbells the coated ones may feel heavier as they usually have a thicker handle so you might feel the need to fist your hand more and therefore your forearms feel tired faster. Hope I'm making sense.
  16. MommaPew

    To The Mat L&G+MM Shoulders+Icy Core 2

    I just did this workout and the time just flew. I think you can make this workout as easy or as hard as you want.
  17. MommaPew

    Rockem Sockem Blizzard Blast

    While I was stretching this morning I watched this Blizzard Blast and did I ever feel that Cathe was having FUN with this one. I am looking forward to actually trying it.
  18. MommaPew

    Shipping Notification!

    I'm anxiously awaiting the email for the download. I live in Canada so I won't give my DVDs for a week or two. I'm putting off doing my workout today in the hopes I can do an ICE this afternoon but it's getting late and I have company coming for dinner!:)
  19. MommaPew

    We're Done!

    Fantastic news. Looking forward to trying them out!
  20. MommaPew

    ICE Project Update 12-8-15

    Great news. I guess you will be busy getting packaging already for shipping out!