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  1. meatlessinca

    July 2015 rotation

    Thank you. Will this rotation be available in the Workout Manager soon?
  2. meatlessinca

    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    Oh no, sorry about your corgis, Jody, and I did not see the halos in pic. Yeah, I'll see if I start a rotation and finish ha! ;) Hi Kiki & Lisa. Glad we're getting more catheletes checking in. Can't wait to meet everyone. Lisa, I was going to ask if I could join you ladies in that...
  3. meatlessinca

    Fly into Daytona or Orlando???

    Thank you for posting the shuttle information. I am also finding the airfare slightly higher to Daytona Beach than Orlando. But I think the cost of shuttle RT is about same difference in the airfare for me. Plus it saves a 90 minute ride! Think I might end up using Delta out of Sacramento on to...
  4. meatlessinca

    Book your hotel room ASAP!

    San Diego is gorgeous. Did the marathon down there years ago lol. And Florida is nice to visit, but I hear ya on the hot and humid. My daughter lives in the Bay Area, San Francisco, and loves it. California definitely has its pluses, but sure can be expensive.
  5. meatlessinca

    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    I am using the Roadtrip as a motivator as well! I'm excited and a little nervous at the same, because I hope I can keep up with the classes! Ha! Looking over rotations this weekend or going to plan my own. Anyone have success with the rotations? Jody, do you have corgis? My daughter has a 4...
  6. meatlessinca

    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    Awesome I'm looking forward to meeting you cathletes as well, and Cathe!! ;) I wanted to go to the Glassboro a few years back and couldn't get in. Just as well because I think this Daytona one will be a much better experience for me because of the location and beach workout etc. etc :D.
  7. meatlessinca

    Book your hotel room ASAP!

    Yay I am coming in the day before as well, so I can get all rested and settled before the fun begins! :p. I'm coming from California, so it is usually an all day adventure to get there. Can't wait though!
  8. meatlessinca

    Book your hotel room ASAP!

    Oh yeah.. Yay! I 'm booked too! I went ahead and decided on specific dates, because I didn't want to miss out on their "cathenation" discount! WOO HOO! Now it's time for some serious rotations before October!!!
  9. meatlessinca

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    Yay! I have triple backflip smiles to bring! Finally my first Roadtrip after years of wishing to go! :eek::D:D:D. Did I mention I'm a little excited?!?!
  10. meatlessinca

    Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??

    Hello! I am Thomasina from California and I'm so excited to be attending my very first Cathe Road Trip!:D I've been a Cathe fanatic for 9 years! she's the best!
  11. meatlessinca

    Sign Up Links

    Ok Well alrighty then guess I'll do the honors and start a checkin thread right here in this Daytona Road Trip section!
  12. meatlessinca

    Sign Up Links

    Meeee tooo! I'm sooo excited too! We will have to get an official check-in page going! :D
  13. meatlessinca

    Sign Up Links

    Woo hoo! Yay! I'm in & so excited! :D :eek: Finally get to go on a Cathe Roadtrip. . I too received a confirmation email, but does it have to have a # as mentioned?
  14. meatlessinca

    •▪▪• CHEETAHS •▪▪• raise the bar (or bells) Sunday

    Hang in there... Karen - I'm so sorry to hear about your dad! Just want to send some well wishes and prayers...hang in there, girl! Posh
  15. meatlessinca

    •▪▪• CHEETAHS •▪▪• raise the bar (or bells) Sunday

    Happy WEEKEND! Hey Cheetahs, Been a real busy one for me that is fo shizz. Our office is busier than ever with the semester beginning and the increase in enrollments due to the numerous lay-offs causing peeps to return to school. To add to my schedule, I have an online class, plus I’ve...
  16. meatlessinca

    ~*~CHEETAH's Magically Delicious MONDAY~*~

    Howdy doo….. Still no delivery of CLX. Beachbody was supposed to UPS 2nd Day air a copy, but as of Friday and online customer service chat, it won’t be shipping until today, Monday 1/12. Um, said they need 1-2 days to prep new order… whatevuh! Just keeping busy with kickboxing and...
  17. meatlessinca

    ~*~CHEETAH'S DOM-ilicious Thursday~*~

    Howdy Friends! Sneakin’ in a post while I can. Next week will prove to be even more hectic at work as the semester begins Monday and we are not anywhere near catching up the mounding piles of backlog from the break. Um, yeah, my motto this week has been: SERENITY NOW! lol. Also...
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    •• CHEETAHS •• Clean, mean runnin' machines Tuesday

    Only 3 working days til' Friday... Top o’ the mornin’, Cheetahs… Well, my glorious time off work came to a bittersweet end – I still want to be free from having to go to work so I can do more stuff around the house, yet I am happy to get back to my routine of better eating, workouts, etc...
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    **CHEETAHS**In the Starting Blocks for '09

    Happy New Year Happy New Year!! I too have a house guests and a busy day of cooking, etc, but just stoppin’ in to say hello and Happy New Year! Judy, I believe Carole is correct that Sarah started the running check-in. Later the check-in name became “Cheetahs” because I called Jess...
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    Thumpety-Thump-Thump: Look at those CHEETAHS go!

    Happy Monday! Happy Monday! Whew, today is first day of quiet in my house. LOL I must say, although it has been a busy week, I’ve enjoyed every minute of my family, friends and feasting! LOL. I have cooked, cleaned, visited and shopped til I may drop! Today is lazy and catching up on...