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    Questions for the Oregon Cathletes

    I just wanted to agree with this! My dd was involved in an eczema study at OHSU that Dr. Hanifan headed. He is great with parents and children :)
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    Congratulations Liann

    Congratulations Liann and family!!!! She looks so beautiful :) I can remember the wonderful, wonderful times after my first daughter was born -- I hope you and your husband can just savour every moment!
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    I ran 7.27 miles this morning!!

    Travis, I cannot even imagine running that far! :eek: And I can only imagine how excited you were!!!! Way to go...I am just sharing in your happiness :) **eta: I love your haircut! I am not here often, so maybe I am a little late, but you look great! **
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    Cardio Coach

    Rachel, I haven't posted here for ages...but I lurk every-once-in-a-while, but your post caught my eye! :) You cannot go wrong with Cardio Coach! Every single volume of CC is worth having and actually a must! I was enabled by this very forum and I am so thankful, so very thankful!!! I use...
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    I was hacked!

    Belinda, This happened to our email (msn) two weeks ago. Soon after my FB account was disabled due to cyber-criminals and it took a week to prove to FB I was the "owner" of the account. FB was NOT good at emailing me back on what was going on etc... We had to change passwords on everything...
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    Opinions from all users

    I wish they would rename them also. Hokypoky - my DH has Type 1 and we get a lot of "advice" on vitamins and what not that can "cure" it. :( I had Gestational Diabetes with my second pregnancy and it was sooooo hard!!!! I really began to understand how tough it is to control your blood sugars...
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    Bands for Travel Fit

    I did Travel Fit for the first time this morning and was really loving it, when my band snapped!! I was hoping Cathe would have hers here, but alas I guess not :( I was using the 5ft. med. tension band I purchased from Collage, but I will try the 6ft. and maybe it will work better than the...
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    Core cardio circuit vs HiiT?

    Oh, I am so glad to read this!!! I did CCC yesterday and was wondering why I was so beat :eek: Now I don't feel like such a wimp!!!:D
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    CCPP, The Thanksgiving Workout!!!

    I won't be able to join in either :( My garage (aka workout room) is being occupied by a lady w/out a place to stay. Not sure how long she will be staying with us. I might get out and walk CCPP?!?! I will check in if I can swing it :) Happy Thanksgiving workout to all!!!
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    Press Play Saturday Check-in

    Awesome Job Jodi!!!!! :eek:
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    So will you get the shot?

    I totally agree!
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    Share your Soup Recipes

    Here is one my family really enjoys -- even my 5 and 7 y/o DDs :D I usually sub in turkey burger for the sausage (for the mini meatballs) or just go without. *hope the link works* If not it is Root...
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    Mom ordered to stop babysitting friends' kids!

    I had to delete most of what I wrote too! I didn't want to open a big 'ol can of worms regarding big government and how they need to keep busy and look important :confused::rolleyes: Glad I am not alone!
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    Did Insanity live up to its promises??

    Wow, I am thinking I want to try this too! The results sound impressive :)
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    Cheap! Healthy! Yummy! Vegan! Lentils!

    Aaaahhh Kathryn, you're no fun! :p;)
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    Cheap! Healthy! Yummy! Vegan! Lentils!

    We love lentils too! My girls can devour them :D We also make these Walnut-Lentil Burgers alot and we love them hot or cold, like a burger, made into spaghetti sauce, made into meatballs etc...I have also used pecans instead of walnuts...
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    Mom ordered to stop babysitting friends' kids!

    I originally wrote a longer post, but thought better of it ;) This is absolutely INSANE!!!!! Nobody will want to help anyone else soon, because you might get in trouble for it :mad::mad:
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    CCPP results!

    I'm done too! It was probably the lamest CCPP I've done so far, but I did it :p My hip is acting up again (after running around kicking a soccer ball with my DDs!! :confused:) and was pretty sore for the first 3 challenges. I just took it easy and worked mostly steady state for those. By C4 & C5...
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    Is an R.S.V.P. too much to ask?

    I hear ya! We regularly plan gatherings at our home or elsewhere and almost Nobody rsvps! It is so frustrating!!!!! :mad: I'm not sure why we continue to do it :confused: