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  1. werkout kween

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    Yes indeed! I'm one of those who had hip replacement. I did Tabatacise today and am thankful for every air jack and jump tuck I can do!
  2. werkout kween

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    Excellent! No your life isn't over! I'm very glad to even be able to do planks. It was impossible to put any weight on that leg in that position. Good luck! Keep us posted!
  3. werkout kween

    Search feature for the Workout Manager

    I'm sure someone must've mentioned this before, but it would be nice to have a Search tool in the workout Manager. A lot of times, I'd like to know when I did a particular workout. Right now, the only way I know is to click on each month and search that way. Is it possible to build a search...
  4. werkout kween

    What Cathe Workouts Can I Do After Hip Replacement??

    Hey there, I had hip replacement 2 years ago. I was 59 then. In preparation for my surgery, I did the full STS rotation for my upper body. It was too painful to do the leg part, but I'm glad I did the upper body because It made me stronger to move myself around after surgery. It took me about 3...
  5. werkout kween

    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Hi--I've been on the wait list but was notified yesterday I'm in!! Could you please add me too? Patricia Phillips
  6. werkout kween

    cycle max question

    Hi--Would you be able to adapt the Cycle Max workout with any other cardio equipment? I have an elliptical trainer and was just wondering if I could apply the workout to anything other than the bike. Thanks.
  7. werkout kween

    the STS curse!

    Thank you everyone for giving me a wake-up call. I think I've been expecting too much from my body. T-Y-I sounds like a good idea. Pat
  8. werkout kween

    the STS curse!

    Oh what a drag! I'm so sorry. Guess that might have answered my question then. Maybe I'll bag it and start over when I'm feeling better. Thanks.
  9. werkout kween

    the STS curse!

    Hi-- I'm doing STS for second time and I've run into the same problem I did last time. I've strained my front delt on one of my shoulders. The first time, it was my left shoulder which happened halfway through Meso 3. I managed to finish, but drastically dropped the weight on the front...
  10. werkout kween

    Mesocycle 3 Legs..where is the non-plyo routine

    squat rack series Hi everyone-- I'm doing STS for the second go around, but this time, I'm doing the squat rack legs instead of plyo. My question is, how do I go about determining my one rep max when I've never done this routine before? If I go through the exercises, I'm not sure how...
  11. werkout kween

    New Challenges button doesn't work

    Hi, I have a Mac and the new Challenges button doesn't seem to work when I click it. It's also not in the same row as the rest, but appears below the row. Thanks.
  12. werkout kween

    lead weight gloves

    I have Cathe's 2 lb. weighted gloves but I find it extremely hard to pull out and put back in the sandbag weights. As a matter of fact, a lot of times I have to pause the dvd, so I have time to struggle with them. I don't know how Cathe manages to do the change so fast but if you flex your...
  13. werkout kween

    Plyo legs - oh my!

    I just finished week 1 of Meso 3 plyo legs. I had no idea this was going to be so hard! By the time I was done, I was sweat drenched. I opted to do the plyo instead of the squat rack this time even though I bought the tower. Now I'm rethinking this, but Cathe says to stick with what you...
  14. werkout kween

    Just NOW finished STS-1st time.

    Congratulations! And you lived to tell about it :D Sounds like you've made remarkable progress--way to go! I'm still at Meso 2, but I'm already noticing the difference. Thanks for sharing.
  15. werkout kween

    Lift lower with STS vs Slow & Heavy

    Glad I'm not the only one who has to hit the pause button even though I've prepared my weights ahead of time. I figured Meso 2 would be easier with the longer rest, so I'm looking forward to it!
  16. werkout kween


    Yikes you guys are scaring me! I did Disk 9 today. What a butt burner that was! I hope I can walk tomorrow!
  17. werkout kween

    Congrats!! Who's in for NJ RT 2011???

    Way to go first timer! I thought I'd sit this trip out this year to let you first timers have a shot at it. Dang! Now I feel I'm not in the club anymore....:( I hope you all have a great time!
  18. werkout kween

    STS - Push Ups

    Push Ups Kudos to you Dee! I just finished my first STS disk this morning and yes, the pushups are daunting. I think I counted 136 of them! If I can get through Mesocycle 1, I'll be very pleased with myself. And yes, I couldn't do all of the pushups straight legged but I surprised myself at...
  19. werkout kween

    1RM/target weight question

    Hi-- I'm about to start STS next week. I like the fact that the exercises vary, but how will I know that I'm reaching my goal if I only do the exercise once on the total 36 dvd set? For instance, Double Hammer Curls is only performed once during the entire STS program. How will I know...