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  1. eminenz2

    'workout cards'

    Do I understand correctly that only STS workouts have workout cards that can be printed? No other workouts in the Cathe library have printable workout cards available? Thanks.
  2. eminenz2

    This One's For the Girls

    Her voice is typical Nashville country lovely but basically it's a song about a girl who gets drunk and is RAPED. When she is 13 or 14 years old. With an implied pregnancy resulting from that rape. And gee, what's the tough lesson we're supposed to have learned from this? Hunh. That's...
  3. eminenz2

    Kettlebell in a rotation

    I haven't exercised regularly since 2011. I am trying to start up again but have no rotations to keep me on track. I don't necessarily need to start as a complete beginner. My question is this-what kind of workouts should you put around kettlebell days? Strength training? Strictly cardio? IMAX...
  4. eminenz2

    Forgetting YouTube workout names

    I am a trained musician for my whole life and haven't seemed to be bothered by the STOMP workouts. Yes, 8 count and 16 count are best but it's not like the end of the world. I spend a lot of time in mixed meter. --- I just did about 45 minutes of the STOMP ones and they were all in 8.
  5. eminenz2

    Forgetting YouTube workout names

    THAT'S IT!! Thank you!! I really need to bookmark these puppies. :-)
  6. eminenz2

    Forgetting YouTube workout names

    Could someone please tell me again the name of the step aerobic workouts on YouTube. The series is mainly for instructors, the people are Australian and it's like Firepro or Start something, I can't remember. They have different styles too, some are dancy, some are more athletic, some of them...
  7. eminenz2

    Sports Bras

    For me, my horse's sitting trot is the only test of how effective a high- impact bra is. SERIOUS bouncing. The enell bra is the ONLY bra that helps keep everyone quiet while I'm riding. Even then, it's not perfect. The one thing that kept the ladies absolutely still while I was riding was when...
  8. eminenz2

    In a funk and unmotivated

    About halfway through 2011, I lost all motivation to exercise. For about two months, I was using the MyFitnessPal app to count calories and was doing mostly Cathe workouts about 4-5 times per week. I was not losing any weight. Because I was irritated with and weary/bored of Cathe workouts, I...
  9. eminenz2

    Products for neck and decolletage

    Ladies, I am interested in your experiences/recommendations for products that supposedly help improve the look of your neck and decolletage. Thanks!
  10. eminenz2

    Awesome visual!! Fat vs. Muscle

    But isn't it a false conclusion? Just because you have a pound of muscle, the pound of fat will go away? Even though the muscle clearly takes up less space, the fat you have doesn't shrink in size or get pulled in closer to the body just because you gained a pound of muscle. You are still left...
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    The back and forth reviews made me hesitant to buy the app that's why I was hoping for some opinions here - more reliable and trustworthy.
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    Has anyone tried this app from iTunes? It's $2.99 and I'm skeptical about buying it if it's just something I'm going to wind up not using. Thanks!
  13. eminenz2

    Belly Dancing!

    Jen, Of course, there's no contest where my real life is. Always with the horses. Always. There is something indescribable about horses that touches our very souls. Children are especially receptive to the non-judgement, patience, and acceptance a horse gives. They can truly be our mirrors...
  14. eminenz2

    Belly Dancing!

    There was a TV series called 'Shimmy' on the Fitness Channel. They might gave some DVDs. I used ATS/Fat Chance Belly Dance DVDs to supplement my lessons. When I gave up the dancing, I sold them all. Seems you can't dance everyday, do a generous 70-minute cathe workout, ride a horse, walk the...
  15. eminenz2

    Belly Dancing!

    After my cancer treatment I took a summer's worth of 'American Tribal Style' belly dance. To see what I'm talking about, search YouTube for 'ATS' and/or 'Fat Chance Belly Dance'. I was trying to earn myself some body image acceptance after everything I had been through. Women of all sizes and...
  16. eminenz2

    Groove fx, Stomp fx, etc.

    Are these workouts/DVDs mainly meant for instructors or both instructors and regular exercisers? Has anyone here ever bought one of the DVDs? Thoughts? Thanks!
  17. eminenz2

    7 New Cathe's!!

    OK - just point me in the direction of the 'Add to Cart' button. ;)
  18. eminenz2

    She's Getting Ready to Film Again!!!!

    How about a low/no-impact workout or two that uses nothing but your body weight to make you strong? Take a break from the gadgets and miscellaneous equipment!!
  19. eminenz2

    Medical ID

    Hello, cathletes! I wear a medical bracelet on my left arm because of a lymphedema risk. Even though I buy the least expensive metals, the bracelet can be a bit $$ once you add in the cost of engraving. I've purchased bracelets from both AmericanID and StickyJewelry. I've gotten a men's...
  20. eminenz2


    I'm with Dela on this one. Cathe is stellar at coming with workouts that please her followers but there are so many awesome DVD workouts on the market (Anthony DiLuglio/Art of Strength is my personal fave) that, at the risk of soundly snotty, I don't know what else a 'Cathe' kettlebell workout...