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  1. buckeyegirl

    Younger looking skin, facial fillers, any recommendations?

    I had Botox for the "elevens" and it does work beautifully - just wish it lasted more than 3-4 months for's hard to justify almost $300 for less than six months. I do love it though.. I also had Juvederm for some smile lines and really liked it although that was much more involved...
  2. buckeyegirl

    Fifty Shades

    I agree, poor writing, but engaging story. I think each book gets better - I enjoyed them:p
  3. buckeyegirl

    Hints on photographs displayed outside?

    To any of you photography/decorator buffs out there! I am looking to surprise my in-laws with a canvas wrapped print of a sunset from our recent trip to FL. They let us stay at their condo and it has a covered lanai and pool with a recessed area off from the pool. It's completely covered...
  4. buckeyegirl

    Bunion surgery?

    Thanks, Laura! I am 5 weeks out and into regular shoes with very little pain and swelling. Of course I'm not doing any plyo jacks or jumping jacks:p but it is going much better and hopefully I'll be able to do more soon. Don't totally discount surgery if all your options don't pan out...
  5. buckeyegirl

    Botox experience requested

    I've had botox twice in the glabella area in between my eyebrows only. I can still raise my eyebrows, just can't "scrunch" them when I frown. It's usually about $325 each time and it lasts around 3-4 months. I'm way overdue at this time and need to go in soon. I love how it works, and is not...
  6. buckeyegirl

    Who else loves their Keurig?

    LOL, seriously? The Revv looks like crazy stuff:eek: Have you tried the Tully's? They have some strong ones as does the Newman's. I haven't tried the Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts yet - too pricey!
  7. buckeyegirl

    Who else loves their Keurig?

    And to answer the My kcup inquiries, I really prefer the EkoCup - it's easier to fill and clean and "seats" into the machine more easily without any leakage issues that we were having with the my kcup. YMMV I guess, but that's our experience! Heidi
  8. buckeyegirl

    Who else loves their Keurig?

    Hmm...I'm not sure what the actual oz. sizes are on my Keurig. I think I have the Platinum that has three sizes. I always use the largest size which suits most k-cups. It really depends on your mug size and how strong you like your coffee :D Sometimes on the stronger coffees, I'll actually...
  9. buckeyegirl

    Bunion surgery?

    Laura, Feel free to PM me - I'm now 3 weeks out and in much less pain. Still in the surgical shoe (and it is oh so fashionable:mad:) for another 2 weeks. I still have a pretty good "gimp" which has my whole spine and body off. I need to elevate it every few hours but am back to work...
  10. buckeyegirl

    Who else loves their Keurig?

    I love my Keurig but do also have some environmental concerns - I do wish they would make those k-cups recyclable :( I also have some issues with cost - if you buy them at your local grocer, they are upwards of 50 cents/cup or more with the specialty brands. If we have company, DH has a fit...
  11. buckeyegirl

    Christmas meal ideas

    Not sure what we'll do this year as I'm down with foot surgery...but I do remember one year we did a fondue. It was fun - appetizers with cheese dips with fruit and crackers,etc. Main course was meats and veggies. Dessert was chocolate fondue with pound cake, pretzels, strawberries, and the...
  12. buckeyegirl

    Bunion surgery?

    Laura, Good timing...I think :) I am 2 days postop bunionectomy on my right foot! Let me just say that the recovery time will probably be longer than you anticipate and like. I know you are very physically active (moreso than me), and trust me, it's a real blow to go from being on your feet...
  13. buckeyegirl

    Doggie bladder infection?

    I agree with the others. Bichons are a breed that are prone to urinary bladder stones. If they attempt to pass a stone from the bladder, it can get caught up in the lower urinary tract and cause an obstruction. Usually what we'll see if straining with just dribbling and they act very...
  14. buckeyegirl

    Facial Fillers

    I've had Juvederm at some lines around my mouth and really loved it (other than the cost) It's almost been a year and I may need another round of that. I've had Botox in between my eyebrows (not the entire forehead) and LOVED it. Will prob. do both again- the Botox is easy, relatively pain...
  15. buckeyegirl

    Dog Question

    I would make sure she gets spayed ASAP. The only long term effects that would be possible would be mammary cancer as she ages. After heat cycles and pregnancy, there is an increased chance of mammary tumors when she is older. I sure would not let this dissuade you from adopting her as she...
  16. buckeyegirl

    Pacific NW vacation questions

    Good morning! I am doing some research regarding our July trip to WA next summer. We plan on flying into Seattle and doing a big circle tour including four days in Olympic NP, driving down the coast into a big of OR (Cannon Beach area), back up to Columbia River Gorge, Mt. St. Helens, Mt...
  17. buckeyegirl

    Help with Kitty Fur Loss

    Sounds like a trip to the vet is in order. They can test for ringworm as well as mange to rule out parasites. As others have stated, it could be a sign of allergies - not all cats are outwardly itchy like dogs. Some are "closet lickers":p Cats can also get what is called psychogenic...
  18. buckeyegirl

    Two Pit Bulls Just Killed My Cat

    OMG, how tragic! I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
  19. buckeyegirl

    Does my teen have ADHD?

    Thanks for the advice - I was told by the peds office that this particular pediatrician was an ADHD specialist, but I'll look into it further to be sure. I am taking his Vanderbilt forms to school tomorrow for all his teachers to fill out, and my husband and I each have one to fill out as...
  20. buckeyegirl

    Help for a Grieving Pet?

    I am truly very sorry for your loss. It is so painful. Dogs are amazingly intuitive and also amazingly resilient. They do grieve, they do feel loss, but they also do recover...with time, just like us. Time heals the wounds, but no one ever forgets. Hang in there and love on that puppy dog.