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    Second Time STS retaining strength gains?

    thank you Thank you - appreciated your response and could see a lot of good tips throughout. I am going to do M2 and M3 one more time and then start mixing it up. Incredible results with this program and I'm not bored with the routine yet. I've worked out a nutrition plan that works for me...
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    Second Time STS retaining strength gains?

    I have seen incredible results with the first time through STS 3.5 rotation. I've gone from an 8 to a 4, decreased body fat by a little over 7%, my strength increases are at a little over 5% and I am close to finishing Meso 3. I want to do the rotation again, however, I don't want to lose...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    In Meso 1 - seeing results already I had been 40 pounds overweight, lost it but my body fat was still around 25% and I felt flabby. I am 48 and decided I wanted to get in the best shape I could before turning 50. Before STS I used the Muscle Max, Kick Max, leg, gluetes and some kick boxing...