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  1. Mckmain

    Best hair epilator out there

    Thanks ladies! I can't afford laser either so I bought the Braun Silk Epil 7 after reading this thread. I have very thick hair on my lower legs. It did hurt but not as bad as I figured. I think it hurts more in the shower so I do it dry. Didn't get all the hair the first time which isn't a...
  2. Mckmain

    I fell during CrossFire today!

    I fell last week doing those straddle tap repeaters in To The Max. Fell right down on my butt. I know I have to be careful with this move because I have tripped or fallen before doing it! The Chiro adjustment I had later that day helped a lot....Glad everyone is okay from their falls.
  3. Mckmain

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    I joined in 2003 but mostly just lurk these days. I hardly recognize anyone here....but have remembered some on this thread...:)
  4. Mckmain

    For Fellow Slow Runners

    Very well said Jeanne...:) Yes, I used to be faster, but hey I am still out there running and whenever I pass someone it does make me smile!! I saw this bumper sticker one day and thought it was so true: "The older I get, the faster I used to be"....
  5. Mckmain

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I drink 2 Tablespoons of ACV in about 1/2 cup of water on a daily basis....:)
  6. Mckmain

    Incorporating running + Xtrain

    I run 4 days a week along with doing the 90 day Xtrain undulating rotation. I move the workouts around a bit to incorporate my running. Normally I do upper body workouts on running days. I don't mind doing 2 workouts a day. On Sundays when the rotation shows a day off I choose to do my long runs...
  7. Mckmain

    A "good" blow dryer?

    So this thread started me thinking....After wearing my hair shoulder length and permed for years I quit perming and started wearng it straight about 4 years ago. Never quite understood why, when my hairdresser blow dried my hair it looked so good..softer, shiny, no frizz or fly aways, but I...
  8. Mckmain

    Anybody have marble countertops?

    Hi Jody. I have a marble counter-top in my small bathroom. We picked marble because of the small size and could not find another type that would fit. Mine is a light beige/white marble and I have not had any issues with stains so far. What I like is the counter always looks clean! I use a Simple...
  9. Mckmain

    Running + Cathe rotations -- how to do both?

    Congrats on your first 5K time! Welcome to running...:)...I have run forever it seems. I started doing Cathe workouts in the early 90's. I have only done a handful of her rotations except for STS which I love and have done various rotations of. I think has many...
  10. Mckmain

    It has been years

    Hi Bobbi!!! I remember you and Welcome back! So sorry to hear of your husbands passing and battle with alcohol and pain killers. What you have gone through cannot be easy...sending (((HUGS))) your way. Sorry about you not being able to run, but Cathe's low impact workouts could be an awesome way...
  11. Mckmain

    Help, my body has shifted...menopause?

    I am 53 and started the menopause journey at 51. I had some pre-menopause symptoms like hot flashes at night which affected my sleep, mood changes and yes that awful weight gain in the mid section! I have never considered surgery. Like the others that have posted I feel loosing the weight does...
  12. Mckmain

    P90X 2 what do you think?

    I really thought X2 was tough! I enjoyed it though and lost about 5 lbs. I bought the pull up attachment and was happy with it as it made the various pull-ups/chin-ups much more doable. A couple of moves in these workouts I could not really master like the one legged burpee while using a med...
  13. Mckmain


    Hi Raciela, I started running 36 years ago, when I was in High School. Took some years off the end of the 80's due to Achilles tendinitis. Found Cathe in 90-91. Started running again in 92 and ran my 1st marathon in 1997. Fell in love with distance running. Right now I wear Brooks Adrenaline in...
  14. Mckmain

    Has anyone got there P90X2's yet? If, so have you viewed or done any yet?

    I got mine Saturday and started a rotation Monday. Did P90X2 Core 1st.....WOW!!!! This workout is tough. Try a one 1 legged burpee holding a med ball....:eek: Tony is the same, kinda silly but I found I missed that. I did Plyocide yesterday and loved it. For sure more intense than PlyoX. It...
  15. Mckmain

    Your age/your workout pace??

    I am 52 and have done Cathes workouts for 20 years. I have also been a runner for 30+ years. What can usually slow me down is weight gain and menopause added some of that besides the lack of sleeping! Injuries can slow me down too. I do avoid most high impact workouts if my weight is up or if I...
  16. Mckmain

    100 year old man finishes marathon!!

    And I heard on the news, he is also a Vegetarian...COOL!...:D
  17. Mckmain

    Tapering Question for Runners

    I completely agree with you 112toGuru....I have run 16 marathons and never ran less than 4 days a week. But jdimascio and Elsie seem to be a different breed! Elsie...I would back off legwork 4 weeks out from the marathon, nothing heavy just endurance if you think you need it. But you ran your...
  18. Mckmain

    Presale Question

    Thanks SNM!...:D
  19. Mckmain

    Presale Question

    My question is if you don't get the Cycling DVD, do you still get the free gliding discs just ordering the 9 workouts?
  20. Mckmain

    ? for runners: long runs...

    Hi Jen, It does take some time to adjust to long runs. Not unusual to feel tired after your 1st long run. Not sure what half marathon training you are doing but most have you gradually increasing the long run. I have done a few marathons/half marathons as I love distance running. You will get...