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  1. SirenSongWoman

    Summer Reading Suggestion Needed

    I read the trilogy, read two other books, and had so much trouble getting it out of my head I'm REreading it!
  2. SirenSongWoman

    Summer Reading Suggestion Needed

    Nobody's recommended the Fifty Shades of Grey series yet? After I finish Emily St. John Mandel's The Singer's Gun I'm going back and RE-reading the entire Fifty Shades trilogy. Absolutely addictive, graphic yes, but it's my favorite love story, ever. And I HATE chick lit. Warning, though...
  3. SirenSongWoman

    Negative attitude/comments regarding health & fitness

    Everyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with my thick calves. Most people (trainers, pt's, etc.) believe the thickness is mostly muscle (though HIIT running is definitely FINALLY slimming them down). But I whine to a lot of trainers and one night I messaged John Romaniello on Facebook. I...
  4. SirenSongWoman

    Sticker help please for my OCD self (or CDO if you've seen that LOLcat)

    Hey, are you talking about that LOLCat of the cat saying it has CDO, because the letters "are in alphabetical order... As they SHOULD be." That thing is hilarious :).
  5. SirenSongWoman

    I am sure this has been talked about...

    I agree most of the Cathe dvd's listed here are good options but the poster who suggested Cathe is generally not a great place for a beginner to start is mostly right. When I started out I just couldn't handle the choreography and plyo? I never got into that. So I started with Cathe's Basic...
  6. SirenSongWoman

    Turbo Barre - chair or tower

    Having issues finding the turbo tower at a fair price so... since I need squat stands anyway, does anyone know if a barbell stretched across a pair of squat stands will work okay for a barre?
  7. SirenSongWoman

    Leather or Cloth Couches?

    I always preferred the feel of fabric but I have a bunch of cats and want a white sectional. When I get it, it will be leather. Getting pet hair out of fibers is a nightmare of constant upkeep. In this regard, leather would be a dream. I will say watch out for "bonded" leather "deals."...
  8. SirenSongWoman


    My next mattress will be a Select Comfort. The only time in my entire life where I DIDN'T have back pain or some sort of pressure point issue was in the five months I slept on an air mattress in a tiny apartment. It was little more than a pool float (plastic) so it was hot. But sleeping on...
  9. SirenSongWoman

    planter fasicitis

    Had it for years but, though I'm a little achy now because I'm back to running/training (and I need new shoes), I mostly don't have a problem any longer. I wore pricey but annoying custom orthotic insoles for years but when I found New Balance 1260 running shoes, designed to prohibit pronation...
  10. SirenSongWoman

    Sean O'malley's sister speaks about his passing

    Everyone already knew Sean had passed, and most of us started suspecting it was suicide as soon as remarks from loved one's to the effect that Sean was "sad" started showing up on his FB page. Colleen's letter, then, served two purposes: 1) Closure for those of us who just needed to know...
  11. SirenSongWoman

    Sean O'malley's sister speaks about his passing

    I always say my mother suffered from the world's longest post-partum depression ever. From the time I was born, up until we moved and I started the third grade she was completely out to lunch. Everything changed when she got wind some older girls at school were picking on me. Just like that...
  12. SirenSongWoman

    Bio-Identical Hormones - Anyone on them?

    At 51, the only change I've noticed is lighter periods but I think it's starting. After reading these posts I really wish I hadn't cut out Flexible Spending if insurance isn't going to help much. I just remember my late mother had to have a full hysterectomy in her early 40s but she was...
  13. SirenSongWoman

    Sean O'malley's sister speaks about his passing

    Sean's sister, Colleen, posted this on his Facebook page late last night. She gave me permission to re-post it here today. I hope this helps everyone who had questions about our OTHER favorite trainer as it has helped me. Colleen O'Malley Weber on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 11:23pm · So...
  14. SirenSongWoman

    Turbo Barre or Lower Body Blast?

    All these posts make me so glad I included Turbo Barre in the order I placed last night. Any leg work I do now is all about leaning out my tree trunks ;).
  15. SirenSongWoman

    Remembering Sean O'Malley

    I think you're right but, for a while there, it was also driving me up the wall. And, of course, there's a ton of private messaging going on here, at VF, and on Facebook. People putting clues together, only to have all our suppositions blown out of the water by a comment by someone close to...
  16. SirenSongWoman

    Remembering Sean O'Malley

    Like me, I go back and forth between here, VF, and Facebook (Sean's page, his sister's page, and the Cardio Coach page). His sister is supposed to explain what happened on his FB page because so many, like me, are freaking out. But right now I think his loved one's are just trying to get...
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    Sean O'malley's Orphaned Cats

    I am so glad to hear this - and glad you told us.
  18. SirenSongWoman

    Sean O'malley's Orphaned Cats

    Colleen O'Malley Weber, Coach Sean's sister, asked that Sean's Facebook friends put out the word that Sean's two cats need a home. They've been described as sweet-tempered female short hairs, about five years old. For reasons not given, no family members are able to take them in so the poor...
  19. SirenSongWoman

    Turbo Barre - chair or tower

    Thank you so much, MrsYancy :).
  20. SirenSongWoman

    Turbo Barre - chair or tower

    Where do you get the Turbo Tower? I can't find it in Shop Cathe. Is it available at a fitness supply store?