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    Hi Cathe , I would love to see a low impact series that uses kettlebells and bands. Especially an Afterburn 2 using them! Thanks for considering! Amy
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    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    I would do the warm up segment of the orginal Boot Camp, premix #8 of Super Cuts, Express 1-10 of Afterburn, and the cooldown of Cardio Supersets. Or..... Warm up of Afterburn, sections 5-8 of Bootcamp, premix 11 of Supercuts and cooldown of bootcamp. Or...... Warm up to Muscle Endurance...
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    It was alot of fun Cathe! The time just flew by!!! You made two workouts in one with it :)!
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    What I did was everytime Cathe gave a turn to the resisance on the bike, I went up .5-1 on the incline. Hills I went all the way up on the incline. For the most part, yep, I stayed at the same tempo. But if I felt that I was wan't working hard enough I increased the speed incline or both. Now on...
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    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    Hi guys!!! I saw a thread about using Ride on the treadmill. I have a bike with a trainer, but I got curious beacuse I love to walk and run! Guess what? It works! Beautifully too! The beat for inbetween the intervals worked out to 4.1-4.2mph. Naturally I could do the hill climbs at a faster pace...
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    Did this one this morning. FANTASTIC!!!! Love the heavy weights! This is series seems almost too good to be true!!! Thank you Cathe!!
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    Another winner in my book!!! I was worried about my joints and the plyo, but the cardio sections are short enough that it didn't seem to bother them. Yay!! Fantastic music and fantastic moves! BTW, the step portion is all classic Cathe revisited. I was THRILLED!!! I love the classics and can't...
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    I love love love this workout!!! I asked my DH, "If this is any indicator of the whole series, how will Cathe EVER top herself?" Today was the first day to the start of my rotation and I can't think of a better way to have kicked it off :) !!!!
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    It took me HOURS to decided how I wanted to do a rotation yesterday. I decided on the 90 rotation with some modifications. One of those being each week I want to alternate between Super Cuts and Catdio Supersets. So just a thought, alternate the weeks between the two rotations????
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    XTrain - when will you start?

    I'm got mine yesterday, so I've got to start today! I'm starting with SuperCuts. Can't wait to try it! I'm going to do the 90 day rotation, but a little different, because my daughter and I are training for a half marathon. So instead of the cardio dvd's, I will do my training. They look...
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    Checkin 4-13-02

    Hi everybody!! I'm sittin' here jammin to the radio and typing so this will probably be short so I can get up and dance:-)!! MON: Power yoga, leg, bi's and abs TUES: Power Circut, Intense Moves, chest and tri's WEDS: YOGA YOGA YOGA THURS: 10-10-10, back and bi's and abs, played catcher at...
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    The Zone???

    Oh man!!! That's really cool!! Will you post and let us know how you all did in the race? I think it's wonderful that you and your sister do this stuff together!! You're so lucky! I love the weight training and yoga part, in fact, that all I did today. Legs and bi's and yoga. Tomorrow, is a...
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    The Zone???

    Yep!! That's one of the reasons why I love this site!! We're all health nuts who understand each other! My DH would rather something taste good than be healthy. That's ok once in a while, but I'd rather feel good, you know? I do lift pretty heavily. Actually I do 3 days heavy, 1 day off, 3 days...
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    The Zone???

    Hi guys! Ok, this is a typicall day's food intake for me. Breakfast- oatmeal with skim milk and blueberries and 1/2TBsp natural peanut butter Snack- balance or zone bar Lunch- turkey breast sandwhich with lettuce, tomato, onion, and 1 Tbsp mash avocado Snack- tofu, blueberries, or pineapple...
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    The Zone???

    The cals that I take in are between 1300-1500/day. This equals to, on a 1500cal day, 150gr of carbs, 112.5gr of protein, and 50 gr of fat. For me, being a bodybuilder, this is not high protein. Precomp, I was taking in up to 200gr/protein/day. Now that's high protein:-)!! Seriously, I like this...
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    Weekly Check in 4/7

    Hi everybody!! It was a quiet week for me, all of my kids were away for spring break!! They're back now and life is back to it's usually chaotic self:-)!! I tried 3 times posting last week and the computer wouldn't let me. Hopefully this one will take! MON- Chest, tri's, Stepfit and Crucnch's...
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    The Zone???

    RE: Atkins? My protein sources are chicken, turkey, tofu, eggs, cottage cheese, and powdered protein. Oh yeah, and fish. I rarely eat beef, but it is listed as acceptable as long as it's lean. Kelly, are you at the weight that you want to be or did you stop losing before you reached your...
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    The Zone???

    RE: Atkins? Thanks guys! No the Zone isn't like Atkins. To me Atkins is nothing but a precomp diet. Seriously, I had NO energy while precomping, very, very hard to make yourself workout. The Zone has you eat 40% of your cals from carbs, 30% from fat and protein each. My workouts have been...
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    The Zone???

    Anyone here on the Zoe or 40/30/30 eating plan?? I've been on it for a week now, and I'm loving how I feel! I've even lost 1.5lbs!! I'm just wondering what kind of results you all got on it. Thanks for any info!! Aimee