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  1. Kitterfly

    Welcome back cathe:)!! Into my life

    Finally :') !!!! Thank you!!!! What a long road . I did body max 2 step only on 4 inch for the time in forever . I used to kick this DVDs butt lol. I lost 60lbs with cathe. Then got sick last may. Diagnosed with a lung disease :(. And asthma. Have been getting better. Then lost the love of my...
  2. Kitterfly

    What pneumonia does to you

    Oh so sorry to hear, get better :)!!!!!!!
  3. Kitterfly

    Double Bra?

    I like the brand " moving comfort" esp miai but some of the others are good. I'm a c/ d now. And I don't need two with this since it has a back closure.
  4. Kitterfly

    10 year anniversary today just me

    Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. Yesterday marked the day that my husband passed away 3 months ago. It throws one brain for a loop. I would not say the days have gotten easier but with each day I have learned to cope more. Life is unexplainable now. I do wish he more than words was...
  5. Kitterfly

    Update on BF in car crash...

    You are in my thoughts and prayers today, please try to get some sleep, if you are not it's one of the most important things besides remembering to breathe and drink water. Praying for recovery and comfort.
  6. Kitterfly

    So thankful for new job!

    Congrats :)!! So happy for you
  7. Kitterfly

    Update on BF in car crash...

    Please know you all are being thought of. Prayers are being said. I am so sorry that you are going though this.. I hope you find some small comfort today. Angela Remember to breathe breathe and drink water
  8. Kitterfly

    Wish/Request for the 2012 Workout dvds!

    So wish I could do dancey but unfortunately it never happens for me, I so get tired of standing there and staring at the tv ;) lol, you lucky people born with more than two left feet and some groove.
  9. Kitterfly

    The endless shoe question

    I just bought a pair of asics cross trainers and a pair of Brooke's runners and both seem to be working, what a miracle. I like the brookes best but they where $80 I never spend that much but they felt great ghost 3..
  10. Kitterfly

    Please Pray...

    Warm thoughts and prayers for your friend, family and you during this time.
  11. Kitterfly

    Did I reach left or right

    Delicious bite sized yum :)!
  12. Kitterfly

    Parody of Sexy & I know it

    Oh my goodness thanks for sharing- this is to funny - I have passed it along also!!!
  13. Kitterfly

    Botox experience requested

    Oh I just watched a dr oz show on Botox lol. Make sure you get educated before you get injected :) so you know what questions to ask them very important!! Program :). Just a side note - Ld50 is very sad but is on so many things!!!!! It's even done with your pets flea meds etc it's...
  14. Kitterfly

    Loreal- animal testing

    Is it a law?? That products have to be tested? Ingredients ?? Just wondering .. I work were you see Msds sheets sometimes and I hate seeing ld50s etc.
  15. Kitterfly

    Lost- the loss of one you love

    Aaron's memorial service was on the 10th. It was beautiful. I miss my husband every day. So much I can't think to deeply about him. Darn it. I think you go on auto pilot for awhile. Luckily I have pets to keep me occupied. I started back at work part time this week. But I am not up to doing some...
  16. Kitterfly

    Lost- the loss of one you love

    Thank you Nicole
  17. Kitterfly

    Lost- the loss of one you love

    I met my husband in hischool. I was just a freshmen. We have been together for 19 years. I feel I have lived my whole life with him. Im not sure what to do without him here. I'm still not comprehending this. What is that first step when you can't even bear to think about him. Aaron enjoyed...
  18. Kitterfly

    Lost- the loss of one you love

    My life. My love. A piece of me. He is gone now. And no words can express what that means. What do I even say? My husband passed away so suddenly and without warning Sunday of a aortic rupture. He was only 36. I have not posted anywhere yet. I feel I can here because it is " somewhat" less...
  19. Kitterfly

    My Idea To Support Those You Love Who Have Cancer

    Julie and Gin, I am so sorry you and your loved ones are going through so hard times. I hope each day brings brighter days and health.
  20. Kitterfly

    Green Smoothies and Juices

    I've been trying vanilla coconut milk with a tropical frozen fruit mix lately that includes things like pineapple and mangos. Yum. Sometimes I put spinach in. :)