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    Holding Heavy Weights Help

    Haven't read all responses, has anyone mentioned wearing a weighted vest?
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    Mark Lauren
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    Thyroid dysfunction and reducing cardio workouts

    I've been hypothyroid for over 20 yrs. and on meds. I workout everyday for 60 to 90 min. Dr. Oz is supposed to talk about the thyroid today on his show, according to Facebook. Are you getting enough iodine in your diet, that alone may help you without meds.
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    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    You are 5'8" so you can't jump??
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    About Lift it Hit it - Chest, Tri's and Front Delts

    Do you tell Cathes weight amounts in these?
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    Are gliding discs used in any of the workouts?

    No worries, still can't wait!
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    Ripped With HiiT Features Two Circuit Workouts

    Hi, Can you tell me when the current prices end? Thanks!
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    ZCUT Kettlebell Set | Zuzka Light Not sure what Amazon is thinking:eek:
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    Body Beast

    I have a book that says to do cardio or weights first depending on which one you are focusing on more, so if you want to give the strength workout your all I would go with that first.
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    Body Beast

    True, DOMS usually happen when you do exercises you are not used to or haven't done in a while. I'm so used to heavy lifting at this point probably nothing could give me much DOMS. BB is def. a good program!:D
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    Body Beast

    I didn't get any DOMS from these either, probably because prior to this I was doing STS.
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    PIYO Question

    Sweat, Drench, Full Body Blast. I also add in Hard Core on the Floor almost everyday.
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    Dasha Libin - 7 Day Lean

    I pre-ordered.
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    I finished Ultimate Yogi yesterday!

    Congrats! I'm on day 39 and loving it! This is my 3rd attempt, this time I will make it all the way, after that I may just start it again!:)
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    Time to be an enabler

    10off is the code
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    How do you manage your cats' uncontrollable shedding?

    I trim my own Ragdoll cats hair with clippers, my husband holds him and I clip his underneath hair. He is more comfortable, since we live in Florida and he swallows less hair. But I would NEVER shave him, their coat is their pride and joy.
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    I love this set!:)
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    New Horizontal Conditioning dvd

    Looks like another Sandra torture workout! I'm in!:D Thanks for posting!
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    I'm excited for both new workouts!:D