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  1. sleepingmom

    User's Guide- Hard Copy PLEASE

    The hard copy user's guide to XTrain is awesome, and the printable downloaded guide for RWH is not anywhere near as useful or complete. If the downloadable guide for ICE is more the quality of the guide for XTrain and not so much the quality of RWH, I am happy with a downloadable guide. I...
  2. sleepingmom

    LIHI Legs premix w/abs

    I love this premix as well, but the stretch segment is not included in the premix. You do the last ab section, child's pose, and then the credits role.
  3. sleepingmom

    Ripped w/ HiiT

    Hi Cathe, The new series sounds great. Have you decided if the two Hiit Circuit DVDs will have high or low impact cardio? I love Cardio Leg Blast, but my knees can't take a lot of high impact any more! Thanks for all you do!
  4. sleepingmom

    Party Rockin Step 1 No Fan

    Second that! Hi Roxie, I totally agree! I didn't preview PRS#1 as much as you did, but my experience and frustration was similar. I can do Rhythmic Step, Step Blast, Low Impact Challenge, both IMAX 2 and 3, and both 4 Day Split step routines with no problem. But PRS#1 has ridiculously...
  5. sleepingmom

    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Dear Renee, Unimaginable sadness. Tears, hugs and prayers to your family.
  6. sleepingmom

    Yoga DVD Recommendations

    I just started the 108 day challenge of Travis Eliot's Ultimate Yogi. It is a multi-disc workout with each workout about an hour long. So far, I love it! I'm not at all experienced in my yoga practice and I find these workout doable but challenging. I do my Cathe workout in the AM and my...
  7. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    You are very welcome! The "sleeping mom" moniker is more of a wish than a reality dating back to when my kids were babies and not very good sleepers! S
  8. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    Survey Part 3 Correction: favorites and struggles (struggle numbers were wrong in fi Favorite Workouts: All workouts receiving 5 or more votes as a favorite are listed with number of votes received. Cross Fire 24 To The Max 18 Low Impact Afterburn 17 XTrain Cardio Leg Blast 13 Body...
  9. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    Survey Part 4: Comments about working out with Cathe Comments entered for why we like to work out with Cathe: . Cathe's workout are so fun...the cuing is excellent. I love cathe's motivational quotes, Jokes including the cheeky ones! Content is so varied. videos are so well chaptered full of...
  10. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    Survey Part 2: Workout Ratings Workout ratings in terms of difficulty. Used a 1-10 scale: 1 indicates an easy workout suitable for beginners 5 indicates a moderate intensity workout suitable for intermediate exercisers 10 indicates a very advanced workout that is a challenge even for the...
  11. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    Survey Part 1: demographics 79 survey respondents How many hours on average do you exercise per week? 7-9 hours is most common with 46% of respondents. 40% exercise 4-6 hours/ week 6.4% exercise 10-12 hours/ week 6.4% exercise more than 12 hours per week 1.3% exercise less than 3 hours/...
  12. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    Thanks to everyone who completed the recent survey about Cathe's Workouts. The results of the survey will follow in the several entries in this new thread. I will separate the results into categories because putting them all in one posting looks ridiculous due to length. I hope this is...
  13. sleepingmom

    New Workout Survey Is Up

    More responses needed Hi All, Thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time to complete the survey rating Cathe's Workouts. If you have not yet completed the survey, please take a few minutes in the next few days to rate the workouts. The more folks who help, the better the info...
  14. sleepingmom

    Pedal Power Suggestion

    I am an avid user of XT Ride and am looking forward to Pedal Power. Would it be possible to have an audio option to block out the music but let Cathe's cueing come through? While I do like the music in Ride, sometimes I'd like to be able to play my own music while still hearing Cathe's...
  15. sleepingmom

    New Workout Survey Is Up

    We've had about 30 people complete the survey. Not bad for just a few days, but the more folks who complete the survey the better the results will be. I get a lot out of these forums; so, I am happy to do something useful!
  16. sleepingmom

    New Workout Survey Is Up

    My suggestion is to rate only the workouts that you are familiar with. As to the intensity versus difficulty question, I am not sure! I guess I sort of lump those two concepts together in my head. Looking back at the original ULTIMATE GUIDE by AusMish, the ratings were for intensity. I...
  17. sleepingmom

    New Workout Survey Is Up

    Dear All, I created a survey via Survey Monkey to update the Guide to Cathe's Workouts. Guide to Cathe's Workouts Survey. Please click on the link in order to participate in the survey. Please note that the list of Cathe workouts is so long, I had to split them up into two lists for Survey...
  18. sleepingmom

    Workout Guide Update with Survey Monkey

    Hi All, Would you be interested in helping to update the Guide to Cathe's workouts by using Survey Monkey? I was playing around with this survey tool, and I don't think it would be hard for me to do. Just want to make sure there is interest before I spend time on it. Thanks!
  19. sleepingmom

    Original songs from XTrain Ride

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with this! I currently play the XTrain Ride DVD and modify that workout for my elliptical trainer. I would like to create a playlist of the original songs used for the soundalikes that Cathe uses, but I cannot identify what those original songs are...
  20. sleepingmom

    Scrubs that Flatter

    Take a look at blue sky scrubs. They fit nicely.