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  1. Molly2222

    Dec 2013 Timesaver Rotation

    Thank you so much Cathe. This is a great rotation.
  2. Molly2222

    XTrain All Out Low Impact Hiit not included in pre sale purchase?

    Hi SNM I'm just ready to download my pre sale code for the Xtrain series (minus Ride) and notice an extra item for an additionnal $19.97 (see title). Did I miss something. How come I didn't get a pre-sale offer for this? I would have gladly purchased. Thanks in advance Linda
  3. Molly2222

    Problems With Certain Videos in Workout Blender

    Hi, I just tried again and these are the ones that won't download into the WB: Lower body blast Intensity Intensity bootcamp STS Total body STS Compound chest and shoulders STS Compound back I was able to download Lower body blast -leg drills High reps (but he dvd cover won't show-it...
  4. Molly2222

    Meal Replacement Bars -- Recommendations Please

    I like to make my own luna and cliff type bars. Soo easy and much cheaper! You can find many recipes online. For luna bars, it's basically dates, nuts and another dried fruit of flavour (ie:coffee, cherry, apple). linda
  5. Molly2222


    I just love coffee so much. If I had to choose between not having wine or coffee for the rest of my life, I think I would choose coffee, and this from a girl who loves her wine. Luckily, I limit my intake and have no issued with sleep problems. linda
  6. Molly2222

    Oatmeal Pancakes

    Thanks for these recipes, will definitely try! linda
  7. Molly2222

    Quick breakfast meals

    I do pretty much same as chammer, but use a 2 eggs + egg whites instead of all whole eggs. I make them in giant muffin tins. They freeze well and make a delish meal any time of the day. linda
  8. Molly2222

    Yummy quinoa recipe!

    Yumm! Thanks for sharing. linda
  9. Molly2222

    Breakdown of chapters in premixes?

    Perfect! Thanks soo much for doing this work, it's really appreciated. I'll be able to match the dvd's premixes now! YAY!!!
  10. Molly2222

    Just Ordered Those Cute Blue Rykas for $29.99!

    I ordered mine at They only have the white/blue/coral ones, but hey! at that price (same deal). Plus, I got 10% off with code NAT10 (in Canada NATCA10). To make sure for the fit, I went around stores to try them on. Never found Transpire in stores, but was pretty confident the...
  11. Molly2222

    Problems With Certain Videos in Workout Blender

    I am having the exact same problem, with the exact same workouts as the 2 previous posters. Can't wait to hear back from you Chris. linda
  12. Molly2222

    A RT Without Step Is Just Not A Road Trip!

    Nancy, you expressed my sentiment so well. One disappointed girl...:(
  13. Molly2222

    Nov 2011 STS & Low Impact Series Combined

    Cathe! My heart, legs and mind would like to say a special thank you!:rolleyes:
  14. Molly2222

    Low Impact Series - Cycle Max photos

    Thanks for posting Cyn! Everyone looks great! Linda:D
  15. Molly2222

    Who's in ???

    So who will be having fun in FLA???? linda
  16. Molly2222

    Almost all my newest Cathe downloads disappeared with the newest Blender download?

    Ever since I downloaded the lastest WB, all the downloads I had in my blender are gone, except for my 4-day split one. I still have the files and when I try to drag them into the WB, it refuses with a message saying: "This video format is not supported. Please visit http/
  17. Molly2222

    I'm in Shape Magazine (+ Cathe mention)!!

    Wow! Congrats Sandra! You're awesome! Linda
  18. Molly2222

    Shipping Date for New DVDs.

    Thanks for the update SNM. Can't wait to download and try out the new DVD's! Linda
  19. Molly2222


    Thanks so much to you Cathe, yout whole team, as well as all the other Cathletes I met! It was awesome and something I will never forget! linda