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  1. singinggoddess

    Robbed and feeling weird

    What a horrible thing that has happened to you. I am so sorry for everything that was taken from you especially your feelings of security. I have no advice for you but you will be in my thoughts and my prayers. Susan
  2. singinggoddess

    Lost- the loss of one you love

    Kitterfly, I am so sorry. My heart breaks hearing of your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted on how you are. We all really do care. Susan
  3. singinggoddess

    Fitness Friday

    Lower Body Blast for me today and it about killed me. I always think we are done and then you add the lunges at the end of the standing portion and OUCH!!! I love the workout and its cardio effect too. It is all good! Susan
  4. singinggoddess

    In loving memory of Chris Clarke

    Gosh, I remember meeting Chris a couple of times on the New Jersey roadtrips. He was very nice and he seemed to so enjoy himself while working out with Cathe and the other roadtrippers. I am so very sorry to hear of his passing. I will think of him while working out this week. Susan
  5. singinggoddess

    Anyone have a dyson?

    I have gone through about 8 vacuum cleaners for the past 15 years and the dyson is the only one that I will use now. It picks up all of the animal fur, and we have a LOT of animals. I would highly recommend it. Susan
  6. singinggoddess

    Checking in

    Drill Max cardio and legs, DONE!!! I am now eating my honey baked salmon with brown rice. I am thrilled that I am now on college break, YAY! Susan
  7. singinggoddess

    Thank you Cathe!

    Cathe, Thank you SO much for the best time of my life. I can't think of a better way to spend three days than having my butt kicked by my favorite instructor ever and also being surrounded by beautiful, intelligent and just lovely women. I am stunned at how kind and down to earth my fellow...
  8. singinggoddess

    3 Days To Go

    I am a bit nervous too. I am finally over my cold though. I am looking forward to SHOPPING!!! Even though I have done enough of that just getting ready for the trip. It will be so worth it! The only thing I am worried about is how late everyone will stay up. I am an early bird, usually in...
  9. singinggoddess

    6 Days To Go

    I am SO excited too. I also bought new socks and workout clothes. I wasn't going to check any baggage, but it looks like that is going to change (LOL)! Now I just have to get rid of this dang cold! I was looking at the schedule and we are going to be busy little bees. I can't wait! See...
  10. singinggoddess

    Who is joining me in San Diego?

    I'll be there!!!! I am Susan. I am a full time mom of three girls and part-time college student. I have been working out with Cathe for over 15 years and love every minute of it. My favorite dvd's are the new HIIT"s and all the Imax's. This is my third time seeing Cathe. I went on two road...
  11. singinggoddess

    Anyone NOT counting calories?

    I have stopped counting calories. I would love to lose about 5lbs, but I got tired of food being the center of my life. I now just try to move as much as possible. I do cardio daily and weights 3 times a week. The thing I have changed is I used to think that after my workout that I didn't...
  12. singinggoddess

    Go, Carole (Mckmain)...Marathon #15 today!!!

    What an inspiration! You go girl I am so proud to say I shared a room with you on a road trip. Not only an amazing athlete, but also a funny and warm hearted gal. Congrats, Carole. Susan
  13. singinggoddess

    question Lorrayne??

    My flight leaves at 1:30. I think it is plenty of time to eat and socialize. I am not going to check any luggage. I find it must easier to just have a larger carry on bag. I hate dealing with checking early and waiting in line. You definitley have to pack carefully to do this, but I find it...
  14. singinggoddess

    MMA: Boxing, my new favorite!!

    LOVED THIS ONE!!!!! My heartrate was up there and it was fun. The core work at the end was tough due to my hip flexors being so worked. This is one of my favorites now along with all the HIIT's. Susan
  15. singinggoddess

    Hope I can keep up!

    Ladies, I am nervous too and I have been to two of her roadtrips in New Jersey. I have to say, everyone was so nice and so supportive. There were all different body types. Everyone was so passionate about Cathe and this forum. I am so excited about being able to go to San Diego. I feel so...
  16. singinggoddess

    Hi Everyone!

    Cathe, You are an amazing and talented woman. I SO appreciate the thought and effort you put into your products. You are the master in this industry. I have worked out for over 20 years and I have over 100 videos and none of the other videos come even close to yours in regards to intensity...
  17. singinggoddess

    Neat article/book about mindfull living and health

    Great article! I just ordered the book. I love books that help us to think differently and out of the box. I focus so much on the physical aspect of my body that I sometime overlook the growth and nurturing that the mind needs as well. Susan
  18. singinggoddess

    Travel Fit = No Sweat? (Or...Has Insanity Ruined Me??)

    I love the variety too. I think Cathe designed these so there were some easy days for recovery from the high intensity days. The body will then be shocked even more after the lighter days of workouts. It's all good in my opinion. Susan
  19. singinggoddess

    LOVE Circuit Blast

    What a fun and creative workout. It kept my heartrate up the whole time and it was so much fun. I put everything into it, and yes it was intense, but it did not wipe me out to the point of exhaustion. I loved the way it moved from one move to the other quickly without doing a ton of reps...
  20. singinggoddess

    Need tips on how to get my cat to stop urinating on the floor...

    Feliway worked for us. We had a cat peeing on the couch because she was mad about the kitten we adopted. We tried spraying vinegar on it and putting a litter box near the couch, but nothing worked. We then had a vet tell us about Feliway. It comes in a spary bottle or a plug in diffuser. It...