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  1. RayofSunshine73

    So excited!

    Hey poachedsalmon! Same introvert. And gym hater. But like you said, it looks like so much fun. We can stand next to each other and enjoy each other's introvertedness!
  2. RayofSunshine73

    Question for those in Glassboro area

    Hmm.....I don't know about dedicated. But in a strange way, it isn't so far. The trip to the airport from my house takes a total of 45 min-one hour. Ok, granted the flight is long but then from Newark, it isn't that far, either. It'd be different if Cathe had her gym in say, Kansas. There would...
  3. RayofSunshine73

    No question, just a compliment

    I absolutely love your weekly newsletter because it is based on fact and research, not like the most pseudo-science doodle that plagues most magazines. Thank you!! Marcia
  4. RayofSunshine73

    Question for those in Glassboro area

    Is there any sports store in the Glassboro area that sells the original step? I am coming in from Sweden and my step is starting to make strange noises after all these years.....and there is no company selling the original step anymore in Europe. So I would like to score a new step to take back...
  5. RayofSunshine73

    Link to Book Room at hotel

    I clicked on the link but the group rate is only available from the 28th. My friend Anna and I are coming in from Sweden on the 27th to give us a day to breathe. Is there any way for you to get that fixed or should I call Marriot?
  6. RayofSunshine73

    Ready Set Go!

    I haven't gotten a confirmation e-mail.... I did get that my payment was successful. I will not be able to relax completely until I get a confirmation. GAH!
  7. RayofSunshine73


    I understand your friends not wanting to shell out money if they are afraid that they won't understand what she says. Ask your friends to contact me at [email protected] I live in Sweden and have a bunch of DVD's I don't use anymore because I have subscribed to streaming. I speak and...