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    Workout worksheets.

    Yes thank you for directing me to them. Laura x
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    Workout worksheets.

    Hi Can someone direct me to the dvd workout worksheets, that used to on here showing the exercises and reps of the dvds. I'm sure they used to be posted somewhere. Thanks Laura
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    Where in the World is (curly-haired) Deb?

    Yes please bring back Deb to live classes, she's fabulous. Laura x
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    Free nutritional website

    Hi Can anyone recommend a free website where I can input my daily diet and it shows up the calories and macros. I'm one of the very few people who doesn't use a mobile, so I'd just like something that I can do on my PC. Sorry for being so old fashioned lol. Laura x
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    Squat Form

    Hi all Thank you all for your suggestions. I will definitely continue to work my hips more. I do alot of yoga on udaya and bryan kest yoga. Also I'm going to work on my masala squat to get used to being in a deep hip squat position. I think rather than doing alot of quick squats I must focus on...
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    Squat Form

    Hi I went to the gym the other day and a PT mentioned that I was not squatting correctly. I have been doing Cathe workouts forever and it seems my squat is more of a bent knee dead lift. I do have problems sinking very low into a squat. For example when I do masala squat in yoga, I use a wedge...
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    Barlates body blitz subscription

    Hi I've been going on a bit of a barlates spending spree lol. I've purchased alot of downloads as I've found its cheaper for me to download them all on a usb stick. It is a bit confusing between whats free and whats not free, but I think I would pay for some of the free hiit ones, so I could use...
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    Muscles Up Cathletes…The Fit Tower Is In The QVC House!

    Hi Cathe can't you get QVC to sell it in the UK on their UK channel. I'd love to be able to purchase the fit tower. Laura x
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    Barlates body blitz subscription

    Thanks Clare for the advice. I've purchased some downloads from her site. The files seem very big so DH is going to sort them out for me tomorrow, as my laptop seems a bit slow to download them. Otherwise I'll get the dvd boxed sets from Mary. doesn't seem to have as much selection as...
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    Barlates body blitz subscription

    Thank you. I'm in the UK and usually buy my dvds from Mary. I'm not sure if she's got these ones but I'll look on amazon as well. Laura xx
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    Barlates body blitz subscription

    Hi Jen I have never bought one of Linda's dvds. Please can you recommend to me the ones you would say are the best for my goals. I love your site and usually go with alot of your recommendations. I love lifting heavy weight training, hiit workouts and Cathe style workouts. I was looking at the...
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    Barlates body blitz subscription

    Hi I'm a bit 'late on the train' with Linda's workouts. Everybody seems very excited about her workouts. I've tried watching the clips on Mary's site but it hasn't really drawn me in yet lol. Possibly because its barre workouts and I can't get excited about Pilates or fusion. I don't know why...
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    More Step Classes

    Hi Please can we have more athletic step style classes please. Laura x
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    Posting an on demand video in workout manager

    Hi I'm doing one of Cathes rotations ( I can't remember which one lol), anyway is there a way I can edit the rotation to change a cardio workout thats set in the rotation to one from the live archive. For example I'm down for Ripped with Hiit Plyo 2 tomorrow, but I'd like to change it to the...
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    Alternative to fitness tower if outside US

    Hi I'm in the UK and the fitness tower is not available to buy here. I contacted the company and they said they wouldn't be selling the fitness tower internationally anytime soon. Anyway I would love to buy the new Cathe fit tower dvds, but what alternative could I use? I wish someone would do...
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    I think I dodged a bullet

    Hi Just to send you big hugs and lots of love at this very difficult time. I have cutaneous MALT lymphoma and also I face another 12 fractions of radiotherapy. I can appreciate how difficult this time is for you. Fortunately, in my case and yours our illness has been caught early. How very...
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    Music in new series?

    Hi Jesse Thank you so much for doing all that work. Its so very kind of you. Laura xx
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    Music in new series?

    Hi Please can you link me to where I can purchase the Cathe calorie crush music mix she did with yes fitness music. Also does the site have all the tracks from her old series like the Intensity Series. I really liked the music from the original Muscle Endurance dvd, Imax 2 and the more recent...
  19. P forum

    Hi I've also been a member for years. I've always liked it and yes it does encourage you to buy more workouts lol. There are alot of knowledgeable people on there. I used to swap workouts but because I'm in the UK I can't anymore as the postage to the US is too expensive. But I used to love...
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    Cancelling full monthly subscription

    Please advise on what part of the account page, is the cancellation prompt. Thanks Laura