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  1. Travisli

    whats in Oregon?

    Oregon is awesome and beautiful and there is lots to do here. (Like others have said) :) If you're in Portland I agree with Linda, check out Saturday Market (which is also on Sundays), the Pearl district is awesome for galleries and viewing just plain Portland weirdness, the Waterfront is...
  2. Travisli

    I have an addiction problem . . .

    I just found out about World Run Day and found two events kind of close to me so I think I'm running next Sunday . . . I love being a runner ;)
  3. Travisli

    I have an addiction problem . . .

    I would love to meet some fellow runners at an event and run together, it would be WONDERFUL -- of course I'm on the west coast and would prefer not to do airfare myself, but I'm open to anything :) HotPants I was thinking about doing the HotButtered Run 12K myself, because what I'm already...
  4. Travisli

    I have an addiction problem . . .

    So I ran the Portland Half Marathon about 3 weeks ago -- it was awesome and fabulous and everything I thought it would be -- except that it rained a nice steady, and at times very hard, rain the entire time I ran, not to mention the half hour I just stood in the rain waiting for my corral to...
  5. Travisli

    How to find a reliable running partner

    You should check with your local running stores -- here in Oregon we have FootTraffic and RoadRunner to just name two and each of those stores have group runs at least once or twice a week -- so consistently at least one or two people from the store will run and then anywhere from 5 to 25 people...
  6. Travisli

    I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I'm inspired and encouraged by your mother's state...

    I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I'm inspired and encouraged by your mother's state though, that is a wonderful thing!! My mother is a cancer survivor and when I ran the Portland Half Marathon I ran in her honor -- she was here for the race too so I know how special that will be for you...
  7. Travisli

    Hey Jane!! :) Been a while, but I just read that you have your first Half coming up in a couple...

    Hey Jane!! :) Been a while, but I just read that you have your first Half coming up in a couple of weeks and I just want to say HOW EXCITING!! Have fun, fun, fun, fun!!! I know you will -- but I just wanted to add my little two cents. I hope you are well. I need to spend more time around...
  8. Travisli

    I just registered for my first 10K! Any suggestions?

    Have fun! That's my advice! You are going to love it, I totally agree! Don't fret too much about how fast you run or don't run, just know in your heart you are in this to have fun and do something for you, because you want to! Running every other day is good, and I agree with Jodelle, try...
  9. Travisli

    What's your favorite breakfast right now?

    I'm eating museli and soy yogurt for breakfast now and love it. I also like protein pancakes made with ground oatmeal and egg whites and then I top it with fruit -- it's very yummy. But the museli is my favorite thing for breakfast at the moment.
  10. Travisli

    I deactivated my facebook account

    I don't spend a great deal of time on Facebook because it does flash me back to high school and I too don't like the negative energy -- I have redirected my energy to Daily Mile -- it's similar to facebook except that it's athletes and people who are focused on working out. I love the...
  11. Travisli

    Happy Birthday, Jenn! (JennC)

    Have an awesome birthday!! :)
  12. Travisli

    Happy Birthday, Karen! (karenvictoria)

    Happy Birthday! Hope your day is GREAT!
  13. Travisli

    Completed my first Half Marathon!! :)

    Sunday Morning I ran my first half marathon. It was AWESOME!!! It started at 8 a.m. and it was a little chilly in Eugene, but I knew it would seem warm once we all started moving. I placed myself behind the 2:20 pacer because I was hopeful I would be able to finish around 2:20 -- no...
  14. Travisli

    1st Half Marathon - DONE!!!!

    Way to GO!! You did AWESOME!!! Great time!
  15. Travisli

    Anyone want to be FB (Facebook) friends???

    I want more Cathe friends too!! I sent everyone who listed their link a friend request. Here is my link :)!/MsTravisLi
  16. Travisli

    Running my first Half Marathon!!

    I'm so excited. . . my boys and I are getting ready to leave and drive down to Eugene, Oregon . . . we'll be spending the night with a friend and then tomorrow I'm running the Eugene Women's 1/2 Marathon!! Six months ago I thought my first half marathon (which seemed totally beyond my...
  17. Travisli

    Insanity and running?

    I ran while I did Insanity -- Before Insanity I was running 25 - 30 miles a week, running 4 days a week. Doing Insanity I was to exhausted to run that much, and lift, and work, and take care of my kids, etc., etc., etc. I cut my running down to 2 days and about 14 miles a week and while it...
  18. Travisli

    Happy Birthday, Travisli!

    Thanks Ladies!! I haven't been here in forever and then I return to birthday wishes!! So nice. To celebrate my birthday today I did my first ever brick workout!! :p I ran 13.1 miles (testing out my legs for the 1/2 marathon - completed it in 2 1/2 hours, without walking) and then I biked...
  19. Travisli

    What's up with Mel Gibson??

    WOW, this just blows my mind. How can anyone in their right mind say there was no Holocaust? Yea, Mel might be bipolar, but with this guy as a father, he really had no chance to be anything more than what he is showing himself to be now.
  20. Travisli

    Ran my first race......a 10K

    Congratulations!!! That's so awesome! I'm beaming with a stupid grin on my face just thinking about what you did!!! :D Be careful, as Jane said, races are totally addicting!! I ran my first in August I've got races lined up for months now!! Where in Northern Michigan are you? I grew up...