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  1. pixiesis

    Total Gym XLS

    You seriously need to get one C! As much as I love my treadmill and elliptical, this thing is so much more versatile than they are, I might even love it more. I spent about 4 hours trying it out, and I honestly love it even more now. I love all the different attachments and found them very...
  2. pixiesis

    Total Gym XLS

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited that my new total gym xls arrived today and I LOVE it! I used to have a similar (crappy, different brand) version of this in the past and I thought they were all kind of bad. Then I went to a physical therapy convention this spring where I got to try one of their...
  3. pixiesis

    How to stop biting nails?

    In the past, I kept my nails polished and briefly stopped biting them. However, I hate using that crap (and would never go the fake nails route) so it never lasted long. But a few months ago I decided to grow my hair and thought why not try growing my nails too? So I added some hair/nail...
  4. pixiesis

    My posts were deleted and I was threatened to be banned from the forum!

    I agree with Carolyn too. I think it's crazy to think that it's okay to say rude things to/about Cathe or her products on HER forums. There are other places to trash-talk Cathe and her team if that's what like you doing with your time, but here is just not the place! And what counts as rude...
  5. pixiesis

    high iron levels??

    When my father's iron was low he had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy to check for bleeding. They should also check the levels of iron in your liver and not just your blood. It's called a serum ferritin test. Good luck! This sounds very frustrating.
  6. pixiesis

    My Little Lark

    Janie, I'm so sorry you lost your precious Lark. That's such a sweet name.
  7. pixiesis


    CATHE!, Kimberly Spreen, Amy Bento, Carolyn Silvernail (my sister, actually :)).
  8. pixiesis

    He just doesn't get it!!!!

    I want to add another thought/question, and please understand that I say this with kindness and compassion as someone who has been there. The time and energy you spend trying--and failing--to make him understand, could you be spending that time making your life easier by accomplishing tasks on...
  9. pixiesis

    He just doesn't get it!!!!

    Can I ask what it is you want from your DH? You don't seem to want him to move to CO and you aren't moving to NM, so given that, what is it that he can do for you that he isn't doing? I agree that you are in a tough spot and that you naturally feel overwhelmed, but I also sense that you are...
  10. pixiesis

    A Cathe petition - please sign!

    Dude, you got two people expressing concerns and all the other responses were 100% positive. It's a Sunday which is always a slow posting day--you might get more replies tomorrow. Why don't you go ahead and at least suggest it? Like I said, it would be a cool reference. I'd just soften the...
  11. pixiesis

    A Cathe petition - please sign!

    I'd co-sign this, but only if we changed it to "suggestion" rather than "petition." I don't think it's our place to try to assign Cathe homework or to attempt to "force" her to do something, especially something as involved and potentially costly as a film production. That said, it would be a...
  12. pixiesis

    essay papers

    Yay! Plagiarism! Academic dishonest! For profit!
  13. pixiesis

    Animal Lovers-Sad. Action neccessary.

    I signed. I'm horrified by this too. I can't even express the horror and sadness I feel about this. I have a cousin who calls herself a vegetarian but who has a fur coat. She said something on her facebook page like "I'm sorry an animal had to die but this coat is so warm." I though, "not...
  14. pixiesis

    Not such a Happy Easter...

    I wouldn't tell you to suck it up. You're hurting and it's the right thing to admit that and not run away from it or try to distract yourself from it. Today you got dealt some pain--and as I know you know pain is part of life and we have to have pain in order to have joy. Just be gentle with...
  15. pixiesis

    Bye Diet Coke, I'm going to miss you

    I'm another one who doesn't find it hard not to drink any soda. I used to drink it but never had a regular habit, and once I learned about how terrible it is for you, I gave it up. I can honestly say that it doesn't appeal to me at all. In fact, I find the entire soda experience yucky. When...
  16. pixiesis

    Estrogen Dominance?

    Thanks, Elsie. Would you mind sharing some of the symptoms you have? And do you think the progesterone cream completely eliminates them?
  17. pixiesis

    Estrogen Dominance?

    Thanks Stebby, I was thinking endocrinologist too! My gyno isn't very good and usually rushes me out of there when I see her for my annuals. I guess I should have mentioned that I have had several thyroid and diabetes tests over the years and also recently and they are always normal. The only...
  18. pixiesis

    Estrogen Dominance?

    Hi Smart People, I've been reading "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" by Christiane Northrup and researching hormonal issues elsewhere, and I recently stumbled upon the condition of estrogen dominance and I have MANY of the symptoms. In fact I have enough symptoms that several sources place me...
  19. pixiesis

    stood up

    It's threads like this that still make these forums worthwhile for me. We women do know how to stand together and support eachother. In my mind I will change the subect of the thread from "stood up" to "stood together." Thanks ladies!
  20. pixiesis

    Hey Grammar Police!!!

    I like the word too, but quaffable isn't an equivalent of drinkability, since the former is an adjective and the latter a noun. So, he could change the sentence around and use an adjective (in which case drinkable would work too and isn't unconventional IMO) or he could use the noun...