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  1. Zenara25

    Will Perfect30 be available as individual DVD's?

    Hi, wondering if the Perfect30 DVD's will also be sold individually? If so any ideas when this will happen? Thanks
  2. Zenara25

    Issue/question about Cathe live on firestick

    I’m not currently subscribed. But in November I also had the disappearing descriptions on my iPad 2nd generation air ios 13.2 I quickly captured a photo so I could review the descriptions. And then forgot to report the issue. It doesn’t happen with every workout description. 124, 146, 184, 194 I...
  3. Zenara25

    Imax 4

    I did the mish mosh mixed premix today. It does the 1st 5 combos in a row. Then the 1st 5 blasts in a row. Then the same way for the last 5. I love mixing things up :) I didn't do the chair stretch in the premix. Just did the regular stretch due to lack of time.
  4. Zenara25

    These new workouts are so much fun!

    So happy to have the new workouts! :) My favorite moves are the reverse hop turn in Step Sync, sweep in on IMAX4, and the rear slide lunges and squat crossover lunges in PHA3.
  5. Zenara25

    Rhythmic/dance/step workout for the out-of-shape?
  6. Zenara25

    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    There's a 7 day free trial to Cathe On Demand for those that have never done it before. Maybe that would be helpful...
  7. Zenara25

    Video Clip From STEP BOSS Step Sync

    Can't wait! I love step choreography! Thanks Cathe :cool:
  8. Zenara25

    Question about Cathe live via app on iphone or ipad

    Maybe try this. In the Cathe Live App (not the Cathe OnDemand App) click on Settings on the bottom right. Then sign out. Then try signing in again with your email and password. Click on Log In. Don't use the iTunes Sign Up button.
  9. Zenara25

    How much do black boxing gloves weigh?

    On Amazon you can choose what weight you want with the Everlast gloves. You can buy either 12, 14, or 16 oz with the black gloves.
  10. Zenara25

    Trouble getting LIVE to launch this morning...

    Same here but if I try and play it a few times it does eventually start for me.
  11. Zenara25

    How did you find out about Cathe?

    Back in 2012 I was trying out some new instructors. I was doing some Jari Love workouts and decided to buy a Step to use with a few of her DVDs. The step I bought had a Cathe DVD included. The one with Body Fusion and Basic Step etc. That’s how I started working out using Cathe. Been enjoying...
  12. Zenara25

    Headaches after working out?

    I've had this problem for a couple years now. Doesn't mater the time of day that I workout. The only solution I've found is to take an ibuprofen or 2 before or soon after an intense workout. I hate taking them but hate having a headache for hours after more. Tried drinking even more water and...
  13. Zenara25

    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    I love Cathe step workouts!! Yay! So happy! Preordering Thursday. Thanks Cathe
  14. Zenara25

    Spinning bike recommendations

    I’m 5’ 3” and have a different Sunny spin bike. I just reach the pedals with a slight knee bend on the lowest seat setting. My inseam is 30”. I read this quote in the customer questions and answers section for the bike linked above. ”The fit of the bike depends on your inseam rather than...
  15. Zenara25


    I'm hoping someday for STS Express. 40-50 min workouts. 9 DVD's. 3 DVD's per mesocycle.
  16. Zenara25

    Pyramid Series - Bonus Combo?

    I believe the one your referring to is a shortened workout 54 minutes long premix of both the upper and lower Pyramid combined. I believe it does (Pyramid Up?) 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps (heaviest weight) and ends there. There also might be some exercises that are left out of this premix. But it's...
  17. Zenara25

    Needed equipment

    Also a fit tower, sliding discs, and a spin bike. If you don't have all the equipment just choose a workout that works with what you currently have. I find it great to have such a variety of choices. Have fun!!
  18. Zenara25

    New LITE
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    Streaming options