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  1. LaughingWater

    Cathes new push up challenge

    I backslid to 40 and 50. :) I'll attempt 56 at some point this week.
  2. LaughingWater

    Cathes new push up challenge

    *#@! :mad: (You rock, by the way. Congrats! Maybe...just maybe...I'll hit 60 in the next few days. It's more likely that I'll end up barfing on the carpet during my attempt. :D )
  3. LaughingWater

    Cathes new push up challenge

    I'm sorry to hear that. :( I hope you aren't in pain and heal quickly. Buneknek, I sure hope it's okay to pause at the top of a push up. Otherwise my number would drop to 25-30. :)
  4. LaughingWater

    Getting rid of cellulite by supplementing EFA's

    I'll be interested to hear replies. I suspect age and genetics play a bigger role than we'd like to think, which totally stinks.
  5. LaughingWater

    Cathes new push up challenge

    I managed 30 without pausing. Then I paused at the top of the push up (still in form though) for 10 seconds and worked my way up from there. The pauses became more frequent as the count went higher. ;) Oh man. 58 sounds ugly.
  6. LaughingWater

    Cathes new push up challenge

    Crap! I did 50 today, but I can see I'm gonna have to do at least 57 tomorrow. Thanks a LOT! :D
  7. LaughingWater

    pantyhose or no?

    I agree. While I enjoy the feeling of being without hose, I miss the look of perfect legs.
  8. LaughingWater

    How tall is Cathe?

    I'm going to feel like an Amazon next to her. (5'7")
  9. LaughingWater

    Age requirement for Road Trip?

    Hi Cathe, Thank you! No apology necessary. I know you are busy, so I appreciate the response. As you can see from my daughter's reply (Lady Pakenham ^), she's very happy. We'll see you in Chicago! :)
  10. LaughingWater

    Age requirement for Road Trip?

    *bump* :)
  11. LaughingWater

    What does "the kick" feel like?

    That "tic" you feel may very well be the baby. :) Someone once referred to it as "fluttering," and I think that's a good description. For me (I can't remember exactly when), it was like popping bubbles or how one feels when one has "butterflies in my stomach." It's very gentle and easy to...
  12. LaughingWater

    Slow and Heavy - Week of Sept 6

    I did some yoga with Shiva Rea today. I am not bendy enough in the morning to keep up with her. :D Congrats on finishing a rotation, Hearty! I'm going to continue with full body workouts.
  13. LaughingWater

    I ran my first offical 10K race today!

    Congratulations! That's very impressive! I'm pretty sure a 10K would kill me. :p
  14. LaughingWater

    Slow and Heavy - Week of Sept 6

    Congrats on upping the weight! Did Shock Cardio Boxing this morning and 4DS Total Body Weights right before dinner. Geez, that's a long premix!
  15. LaughingWater

    New Workouts - Update (9-9-2010)

    Thank you! I must agree ~ hearing about how it all works is pretty interesting.
  16. LaughingWater


    I did both cardio and weight training through both pregnancies. I didn't run towards the end, but that's just because I felt too off balance. :D Congratulations to the both of you!
  17. LaughingWater

    Calories expended ? again

    Hi Sherry, :) Go into the Workout Manager and click on "Settings." Make sure you've put in your Age, Sex, and Height. I can't remember if you need to have your weight plugged in...I did mine automatically, but it may be required for this to work so...Click on "Weigh In" and record your...
  18. LaughingWater

    Ending chemo, resuming workouts ?

    Congratulations on finishing treatment! :) I have no answer for you, though if I were in your shoes, I'd start doing whatever I felt up to...if that's strength training, then go for it. My husband only went through radiation, and the fatigue seemed to last a bit beyond the end of treatment...
  19. LaughingWater

    So I think I found the secret to weight loss

    Heh...I just opened this thread after coating homemade truffles. :D Laura, I know how hard you work and am so glad you've achieved results!
  20. LaughingWater

    Shock Cardio-anyone else a little disappointed?

    I like the nod to Baker Street. :) And sometimes the music in CCC is the only thing that keeps me going (when I'd much rather lay down and die).