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  1. miller2917

    Cortisone Shots

    I just had an Orthovisc injection today in both of knees. It's a series of 3 shots. It's a gel material. I have bone on bone in both knees - seeing if I can get any relief without surgery. Also considering cartilage surgery - a process that involves 2 knee surgeries - one to harvest stem cells...
  2. miller2917

    colon cleanse?

    Renee - was in same boat as you - think we has a discussion in another post. :) I had horrible problems - it didnt matter what I ate - healthy or junk! Healthy foods worse tho. Started taking probiotic Florastor and my gas was all but gone overnight. Its expensive but if it continues to work...
  3. miller2917

    Cathe HiiT on CBS news!

    Love it. Tried to get my friend to do that very Cathe HiiT workout with me the other day and he said it was too scary!
  4. miller2917

    I'm clearrrrr!!!!

    WooHoo. What wonderful news.
  5. miller2917

    Music Questions in Recent DVDs

    I'll start by saying I like the upbeat music in the new DVD's!! My question is why do you have to now change the words to popular songs to put them in your videos? You're early stuff had original artist. Just curious.
  6. miller2917

    If you could have anyone as your personal trainer...

    Well of course Cathe is my firsrt choice and I really do feel like she is my trainer - and my kids trainer - they are always jumping in and copying her moves - I love it - they are little now but I wouldn't be surprised if they pull these workouts when they really come of age - I would love if...
  7. miller2917

    ninja blenders

    Would rec waiting until you can afford vita mix. It really is the best - great warranty. If you buy from costco you can return it anytime ever. Even 3 yrs later!!! Not that you will - it's that good.
  8. miller2917

    Lower Impact Premixes

    Believe it or not sometimes low impact hurts my knees and hip more.
  9. miller2917

    1st cathe workout tape

    Cross Train Express Mine was cross train express on VHS - I took got mine off of Ebay. I had only done FIRM, Kari Anderson and Kathy Smith up to that point. I thought they were the hardest thing I'd ever done at the time. I loved them and have been hooked ever since. Except for some of her...
  10. miller2917

    If you could have anyone as your personal trainer...

    I think I would like Jodelle Fitzwater- I don't know her but she just looks so peppy in the road trip photos (like major positive energy) and I have really liked some of her nutrition posts here. Like her website too!
  11. miller2917


    I did To The Max first.
  12. miller2917


    I think I might like crossfire but jury is still out. I did 50 min premix on to the max that kicked my butt. I only did 35 min premix from crossfire and burned 347 calories so that was great. @ power - there are still do many ppl without here. Its really awful. What's crazy is that AEP is...
  13. miller2917


    Got it back on Sunday night. So happy. Feel bad for those that are still without.
  14. miller2917


    Have my DVDs and can't even do them!!! Grr. Bad storm in Ohio. AEP projecting power restoration on July 7th!!!! Bad on many levels. Was so looking forward to doing DVDs . Eating pizza instead. :(
  15. miller2917

    Pre-ordered in Feb - Discount Question

    I pre-ordered in Feb. but didn't order any other DVD's at the time for 30% off. Does anyone know if I can still get that discount or did I lose out???
  16. miller2917

    Charcoal supplements

    Glad to see there are really others out there! Ive knocked some socks off too. My boss walked into my office after I let one go and asked me if I farted. I lied and said no -he said well it smells like something died in here. I can laugh about it now but seriously am usually in tears over it...
  17. miller2917

    Heels that don't slip

    I have the same problem and I hate it!!!! Hate to shoe shop - jealous of my friends with a "fatter" heel and their cute shoes. ;)
  18. miller2917

    Charcoal supplements

    I've wondered that too.
  19. miller2917

    Charcoal supplements

    I guess no one likes to admit they have gas. I've posted here before about this subject with basically no reply. I was shocked - all these clean eaters and no one has any gas? Since I've been off the Lexapro I have not had the issues with the smell. I've only been off for about 4 weeks now so...
  20. miller2917

    Charcoal supplements

    I've used them for smelly gas but they didn't work all that well. Also tried pro digest gold - expensive but better. I don't know If you take Lexapro or other antidepressants but I seriously think that is what caused mine. My dr disagrees with me. All I know is that when I went off of them the...