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    Thanks for looking that up for me!
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    coconut oil ?

    I would use unrefined. Less processing. How are you planning to use it? I use the majority of my coconut oil as a skin moisturizer, but I use it for popcorn too.
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    I'm hearing a lot recently about creatine and started wondering if I should be taking it. I just did a Google search and see it's mostly being used by men and the articles I'm finding about its use in women really aren't giving me a clear idea about its benefits for the fairer sex. I see...
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    Beachbody products from ebay or amazon

    There are some things I will buy and some I won't. Movies, used video games - yes. Electronics and workouts, no. Things that are important to me must come from the company where I know it's guaranteed. And most of the time, you're not saving THAT much. You'll be happy with your purchase...
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    You're so right! Think about how you react when your 2 year old is out of your sight for 2 minutes. You're a mess if you can't find her, right? If I haven't seen my 11 year old for a couple hours in the house, I go to make sure she's still here (she always is). She hid on my in the grocery...
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    I was disappointed, but not surprised by the verdict. It all boils down to the prosecution just didn't have enough evidence and the jury took their job seriously. They may have believed she did it, but it wasn't proven. As one of them said, they didn't know exactly what crime was committed...
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    New to lifting and have some questions regarding weight gain

    Why does it matter what the scale says if you're obviously losing fat? You're replacing it with lean muscle mass - isn't that exactly what you wanted? I know, it's a major head game with that dumb scale. And keep in mind that a lot of times, that weight fluctuates just because of water. I...
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    Beachbody products from ebay or amazon

    Don't forget when you go through ebay or Amazon Marketplace, you don't get the money back guarantee you get from buying from a BeachBody coach.
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    two questions

    I didn't modify my diet meso to meso. On my 2nd time through (6 month rotation) I wasn't in "diet mode" anymore, so I just continued to eat clean. I may have been more diligent about my whey protein. Is this your first pregnancy? i would wait a couple months before getting back into STS...
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    Water carbonating systems

    From what I gathered by reading the articles, mineral water is naturally occuring and is fine. It's the water that is carbonated by adding CO2 that gets to be questionable. They suggested that it's only "dangerous" when consumed in high amounts (whatever that means). I've just decided to add...
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    Water carbonating systems

    They've never been able to prove that Lance is a doper, it's just rumors at this point. Coffee is actually pretty good for you if you don't go to town on it and watch what you put into it. I only drink mine black.
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    Where can I get an Insanity t-shirt?

    I'm thinking you might have to be a BeachBody Coach to get the cool t-shirts they wear in the video. The grey ones right? I have one of those. I was just looking on my site, and it doesn't look like a regular customer can just buy one of those.
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    Sugar/Salt Scrub

    You can make these yourself. There are sites with recipes. I've used brown sugar and olive oil on my face, and loved it. I've also made a scrub with coffee grounds and brown sugar. I don't buy any of that stuff anymore - I make my own. So much cheaper. I haven't used commercial lotions on...
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    Water carbonating systems

    Well, now I found this article on that says it may actually be beneficial. So confusing. Health Effects Of Carbonated Water | LIVESTRONG.COM This one is pretty interesting. One thing is for certain... carbonated water makes me burp more than flat water. LOL...
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    Water carbonating systems

    Oh wait... I see. is carbonated water bad for you OK, thanks - I'll just stick with plain water. You just saved me some money! Right on.
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    Water carbonating systems

    Why would they be? If you just take a bottle of water and add CO2, where would the acid come from? I don't get that.
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    Water carbonating systems

    I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day and saw this display for a home soda making machine. I gave up pop a couple months ago when I started using Shakeology. No minor feat - I was completely addicted to Diet Coke and getting my daughter on the same path. I don't actually miss the cola or...
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    What exactly is a Cathlete?

    LOL - sounds like DeCathletes need to stop posting so much and do something more productive. 10,000? That's nuts.
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    Thyroid...Aging...Weight Gain...Wah!

    I'm 44 and have hypothyroidism, but I guess I'm lucky because it hasn't been a struggle to regulate it with synthroid. My dosage does get adjusted occasionally, but I've been on the same level for 2 years, I think. Are you doing strictly weight training, or do you incorporate cardio into your...