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  1. Mare145

    Great News! Our Roadtrip is ON!

    They are doing it for us. I called last week to verify. The woman said they had just finished reservations for October although I never received an email.
  2. Mare145

    Any filming this year?

    I would love a workout with just all bag work. I love the extra bag segments but they are too short so hoping one entire workout would be awesome!!
  3. Mare145

    Your Expertise Please - When you have a minute :)

    I'm glad you asked that question! I was thinking of trying those types of cardio workouts but wasn't sure. Thank you too Cathe for the info:)
  4. Mare145

    I love Great Glutes!!!

    I loved watching Brenda... Not that she almost feel but when you see the girls mess up it makes them more human:) Plus it makes me feel better! Lol
  5. Mare145

    Heavy Bag Workout

    Cathe, since the heavy bag bonus seems to be such a hit have you considered devoting an entire workout to just the bag?! I would definitely love one:)
  6. Mare145

    Personal Training Certification

    Question for both of you you think there is an "age limit" for going for PT cert? I'm looking for a change in my career but thinking I may be too old:(
  7. Mare145

    Is Filming Completed?

    I love Mondays now! Lol
  8. Mare145

    First Thought Today

    I was also wondering about the greatest hits DVD? Has anyone heard updates on that?
  9. Mare145

    It's JULY!!

    Last year was my first trip so I was a bit reserved. With the great FB group I really feel like I know people now so I'm SUPER PSYCHED!! Can't wait to talk to all of you in person:)
  10. Mare145

    Discounts on FFW

    Yeah, me too!!
  11. Mare145

    Discounts on FFW

    Ohhh no! Me and " specials" are like peanut butter and jelly! Lol
  12. Mare145

    Any other X-Train shirt issues?

    I'm hoping to get one for my bday and I'm with you Jennifer....don't really care if the msg comes through or not because it's such a great series:)
  13. Mare145

    Interesting article on pushups

    I have a bad shoulder so I do mine on me knees, nice to know I'm still working! Thanks for sharing:)
  14. Mare145

    2nd - Payment Reminder

    I second the thank you for the heads up:)
  15. Mare145

    To the Max - Deal of the Day

    Yeah for taking the plunge! I did this workout this am and was thinking about you....change/modify anywhere you want, I promise you will still get a great workout. Plus there are pre-mixes like stated previously:) BTW, I even modify Yoga! LOL
  16. Mare145

    To the Max - Deal of the Day

    I have a bad knee (2 surgeries on same knee last year) and I do this with 1 riser. I still am soaked in sweat and fell like I'm working just as hard as Cathe and company. For the first combo, right after the warm up, I use 1 riser, then add an additional riser for each following combo until I...
  17. Mare145

    Ab work

    Lori, thanks for sharing this with us....may ask you to show me that last one at the road trip:)
  18. Mare145

    Ab work

    Lori, amazing ab pics! So how long are your ab workouts since you are doing them 1-2x/week? If you say 5 mins I'll hate you (lol); if you say 45 mins I'll cry (again, lol)! BTW: do you get to eat buckeyes before your workout:)
  19. Mare145

    crew members

    I think you do a great job of mixing up your cast members:) Plus I like forming a bond with the same people...I say "if she/he can do it then I have to at least try! "
  20. Mare145

    287 lbs starting weight

    You go girl and congrats on picking Cathe as your trainer:) I love Low Max as a starter because of the premix. I started with just the step portion first answer worked my way up to the entire workout. I also started with just the top of the step, no riser and eventually added risers. I think you...