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  1. punka274

    Commit to get Fit & Lean for March 2014

    Morning, This is the first time I've started us off in forever. Today is work then it P'J time, no workout today. :) I just updated my WM Calender and did very nice for February. Got in at least 4 workouts a week. I did a scale peek this morning and I'm doing all the right things and...
  2. punka274

    Can't Seem To Get Started.

    Hello all! So, its been a while since i've posted in this forum. If you click on 'my story' in my profile then you will read how I lost a lot of weight about 8years ago and kept it off for about 6yrs. A total of 112lbs. Over the period of about a year and a half I have put on about...
  3. punka274

    Weight Watchers February

    Morning, Hows everybody been? I meant to start this yesterday but life got in the way:rolleyes: So I have to confess that im still not counting my points or logging. :confused: The first week of wwers (when I started this thread) I was extremely motivated - but for some reason I can't...
  4. punka274

    Weight Watchers Janurary

    Good Morning, Im Amelia, I've been doing weight watchers for about two weeks now. So far I've lost 4lbs. Im a 34 yr old married mother of two who works at a bakery. This isn't my first time with WWers, I did the program about 6yrs ago with great success and I'm hoping for the same results...
  5. punka274

    Anybody Doing Weight Watchers?

    Hello, I joined WWers two weeks ago and was wondering if there is anybody else on here that is doing the program - I would love to start a check in over on the checkins and challenges forum :)
  6. punka274

    What Happened to the Weight Watcher Thread?

    Just wondering if there was still a WWer thread? I plan on joining the program on this coming up Monday ( going to meetings) and was hoping for a check in.
  7. punka274

    Who has experience with antidepressants?

    Hello fellow Cathelets, Its been a while since I've posted on OD...I usually hang over in the check-in forums... So here's the thing... I've put on some weight since starting zoloft a little over a year ago. Um, about 35lbs worth :confused: - and it was almost like it kinda happened over...
  8. punka274

    Commit To get FIT and LEAN for september, 25th

    LIC cardio timesaver premix today. That 4th step combo really gets ya. I was tired by then...and soaking wet with sweat:o Hello to everyone. Helene-Sorry to hear you DH wasn't feeling good last night, how did your night go? I think my bad TOM cravings are almost over...Last night they...
  9. punka274

    Committ To get FIT and LEAN for september 24th

    COMMIT To get FIT and LEAN for september 24th Morning...errr, afternoon Just starting us off. bb after my workout. Im watching Turbfire to get motivated LOL:eek: If Cathe's new workouts don't get shipped soon I may be buying TF - looks pretty fun:D bbl, doing some drillmax today
  10. punka274

    Committ To get FIT and LEAN 9/7

    Committ To get FIT and LEAN for Sept.7 Morning Ladies, Just getting us started...i will bb with personals:)
  11. punka274

    Committ To get FIT and LEAN Saturday 7/30

    Im sure I will be the only one posting today but I figure wth...why not;) Yesterday my shoulder won the battle over clx pc2, I did half of it before i felt tenderness then quit. Today will be 4ds legs...can't wait to workout with Cathe again:) TOM is here for me so that would explain my...
  12. punka274

    Committ To get FIT and LEAN Tuesday 6/7

    Morning, Just getting us started. Not sure if I will get in a workout today or not. If I do I may get on the treadmill and walk this afternoon. I will bbl with some personals.
  13. punka274

    The Challengers wk of 10/4

    Good Morning I've been taking it easy the past couple of days and only doing power walks in the afternoon. Today i will walk the dog first, then do 4ds weights + BC. I will try and catch up with personals when i come back later:) Jean-LOL at the wine tasting after the race, WTG on the race.
  14. punka274

    The Challengers wk of 9/27

    Good Morning, I thought I started the thread but must have forgotten to click the submit button:rolleyes: Anyways, yesterday was a 3.5mile power walk. Today will be a 2mile power walk then whatever i can do of rhythmic step. I plan on downloading Athletic step today and maybe doing it later in...
  15. punka274

    The Challengers wk of 9/20

    Good Morning, just getting us started! How was everyone's weekend? I've got a little bit of a hangover this morning:confused: I had a few drinks last night. Today is a rest day anyway so its all good.;) I will walk the dog this morning and thats about it.
  16. punka274

    The Challengers wk of 9/13

    Good Morning I took a rest day yesterday and hung out with my hubby and kids. This morning i did Muscle Endurance (fitv version) then walked the dog for 30mins. I felt great after ME, got some good burns:eek: i've got to get that one on dvd. :) I will try and pop in later w/personals
  17. punka274


    Morning, just getting us started Today agenda is legs + dog walk + grocery shopping. Not sure what leg workout i will do, if this coffee doesn't kick in soon I may wait until this evening to do them. I Had a nightmare around 3am this morning and didn't sleep much after that... bbl
  18. punka274

    The Challengers wk of 9/6

    Hello Ladies! Just getting us started quick check in. CCPP done on TM, 56 minutes and 520 calories burned, a little over 4 1/2 miles,Everyone have a great day:)
  19. punka274

    The Challengers wk of 8/30

    Good Morning, Just getting us started Not sure what workout im doing today? Its suppose to be a rest day but i don't feel tired...maybe i will walk the dog or do some yoga or both, then again, i could watch a lifetime movie(have several recorded) and do nothing;) We did a little shopping...
  20. punka274

    Challengers Week of 8/23

    Good Morning Just getting us started, rest day for me:) Jean-Sorry to get you and Andrea confused yesterday:o Hope you have a great workout today! Hello to Roxie, Andrea and Elaine! Have a great day girls:)