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  1. grandmaof27

    One rep max question

    I have heard this term 'one rep max' and finally got on and listened to the audio on how to determine it. It never says what to do with the results. I do not own the STS series, but I have 40 Cathe DVD's, so I thought I would use this with them. All that being said, let me know what to do...
  2. grandmaof27

    Looking for a room mate and someone who wants to split the gasoline

    I live in Sacramento, CA. Is there anyone on the way to SD or north of me that wants to ride in a car and split the gas. My car seats 4 comfortably. If you live north, you could get as far as my house and drive with me the rest of the way and if you live south, we will pick you up on the way...
  3. grandmaof27


    I am so excited to meet you Cathe! Finally, the west coast!
  4. grandmaof27

    Aging in spite of it all, need answers

    Well, I have been working out with Cathe for 26+ years now. May I say right up front, rock! In spite of it all, I am still aging! Dang it! My user name says grandma of 27 which is now 29... THAT IS WHY I WORKOUT! These are my questions. I was diagnosed with RA years ago and pretty...