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  1. fargomom

    woo hoo

    I liked how Cathe said she wanted to share the "sweaty" details of each workout! I'm definitely pre-ordering. I don't even need a reason. If it's Cathe's, I'm going to buy it.
  2. fargomom

    Shoe Recommendations

    I've had the best luck ordering shoes from The last 2 or 3 pairs I have bought have been of the "Asics" brand and I have been unbelievably satisfied. I search for a "cross training" shoe and plug-in my desired brand. I don't base my entire decision off of a lot of favorable reviews...
  3. fargomom

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    @mesilla67 - The Mpls/St. Paul area is so lovely! I'm happy another MN Cathe fan is close to me in Fargo, ND. I think a Minneapolis area road trip for Cathe is a grand idea! Perhaps someday! :p @skatch - I have been to Winnipeg a few times, but never Regina. I am familiar with where Regina is...
  4. fargomom

    Ideas for motivation?

    I'm a list-maker as well. ;) I've kept a workout log going back as far as 2003. It's nothing fancy. I just print up blank calendar pages, load them into a binder, and write down the workout I did each day. I've tried to tweak it here and there (make it fancier), but I've found simple is best for...
  5. fargomom

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    I'm so happy there are some other Cathe fans in my area! To "cab0899," I agree with the previous poster - you are very lucky to have been on a road trip. It's definitely on my bucket list! I've been doing Cathe workouts since 2004/2005. My first DVD purchase was "Low Max." I just did it...
  6. fargomom

    Best Flat Iron

    Mine is the blue one also. I realize now the link I shared displays the one with the animal print. Mine is also a little wider, perhaps 1-1/2" wide. Love.Love.Love. :D
  7. fargomom

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    I have been away from Cathe's forums for a while. Does anyone else live in the land of wind and snow, like me? :D I'm curious if any other Cathe devotees are in my state.
  8. fargomom

    Best Flat Iron

    Like you, I was on the search for a great straightener. I bought a "Babyliss" one about this time last year from amazon. I don't use it every day (I'm more of a curling iron girl), however every time I do use it, I thank my lucky stars. It is amazing! : BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium...
  9. fargomom

    Who ordered???

    I just completed my order for the 9 disc set!! Squeeeeeeeeee!! :)
  10. fargomom

    If you could have anyone as your personal trainer...

    My pick is Natty. :p:);) She always has great questions and is not afraid to make the rest of us work hard for our comments. HAHAHAHA. Seriously? ....... Oh, ok. Then of course I'm going to say Cathe. The little experience I have had with other trainers has been pretty dismal. No one holds...
  11. fargomom

    "The List"

    I hear you! While I may not have a big list like you do, I once did. I'm to the point where I own most of Cathe's DVDs, although I don't yet own STS. I keep a wish list, in general, of things I'd like to own one day. Definitely not needs - total wants! There's a Cathe component, to be sure ;)...
  12. fargomom

    What state already received their DVD's

    I'm in North Dakota and I received mine today - Saturday, June 30th. What a great way to start July!! :):):)
  13. fargomom

    Push It

    Hey gals! I am going to follow Susan's lead and bow out of this check-in group as well. Hopefully I will still be able to chat a little with all of you on open discussion sometime or maybe I'll even pop back in here from time to time to see how the push-up counts are going. Each of you are...
  14. fargomom

    Push It

    PS -- I so want to buy the new Cathe t-shirt with the catch phrases. Anyone else see that?! AWESOME! Cathe Catch Word T-Shirt KARA
  15. fargomom

    Push It

    How does everyone find the time to post?! I swear, you all must have an 8th day to your week or two more hours tacked on to the end of your day. I have no other excuse for my absense except day-to-day busyness. :o If there is a secret to finding time to regularly check in here, please pass it on...
  16. fargomom

    Push It

    Hi everyone! So sorry about not being available to talk on here lately. I was out of town for 12 days, road-tripping it with my parents to California to visit family friends and relatives, as well as attending my younger bro's graduation from law school in Phoenix, AZ. It was a nice trip...
  17. fargomom

    Push It

    Greetings! Sorry I have been MIA. I'm getting prepped to go out of town later this week and have spent much of my free time, as of late, making a list of what to pack, packing things up and checking things off my packing list. :) It's been hard enough to fit in my workouts lately, let alone...
  18. fargomom

    Push It

    Howdy people. :D Today's workout was horrendous. You know how you have a plan for which workout to do and then that plan gets blown out of the water? Yup. That's what happened to me. I have been itching to do "The Viper" from the Terminator DVD for a while now. So today was the day. I was...
  19. fargomom

    Push It

    Welcome, Toni! My name is Kara. I'm 32 years old. I have 3 kidlets (7, 4 and 1) and I've been married to my hubs for 10 years. I've been working out to Cathe since about 2004. My first DVD of hers, besides the one that came with the step, was Lowmax. At this point, I own most of her DVDs, but...