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    STS Total Body

    Can anyone who also owns Supersets/Push Pull tell me if STS Total Body is different enough it would also be worth investing in? I already have SS/PP. When I watched the clip for STS Total Body a lot of it looked similar, but I don't think I can really rule it out solely based on the clip.
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    New series-which DVD's back to back

    Cathe (or anyone else who can offer suggestions), Can you recommend which order to do the new series? Or, at least offer some suggestions on what to do one day and then what to do or NOT to do the next day? Thanks! I am so excited for the new series!!
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    Calling all cat people - help

    One of my cats is always waking us up in the morning. He meows and jumps at my blinds. As soon as I get out of bed, he runs from me. I believe he knows this is bad behavior and have tried putting him in a dog cage with a litter box, but he still continues to do this every day. He does not do...
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    Thank you for Shock Cardio

    Thank you for the new series. I haven't done all of the new DVDs yet, but am slowly getting through them. Today I did MMA Fusion and absolutely love it - I think it's my favorite so far! I'm looking forward to the rest of them.
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    Preparing for STS shock cardio

    Hi Cathe! Since it sounds like the DVD's will be shipping during December, I was wondering if there are any of your current DVD's that would specifically help people get ready for the new stuff. Thank you for all that you do! You are truly an inspiration.
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    Work meetings - food

    Do any of you have suggestions for healthy breakfast foods a company could have for its employees at a company meeting? The company I work for wants to provide some healthy alternatives at an upcoming meeting, but the last time they tried this (they served special K bars, nutri-grain bars, and...
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    Do any of you use kettlebells?

    I've been wondering about trying out a kettlebell workout. Do any of you have any workouts and/or kettlebell brands you would recommend? Also, have you tried the Fitness by Cathe medicine ball/kettleball and DVD and if so, what is your opinion of that? Thanks so much for any input. I'm...
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    How about Fit kids??

    Cathe's post on Facebook the other day about having a mini-bootcamp in the park with her boys got me thinking. What about a short fitness DVD for kids? Many of our kids watch us work out with Cathe on a regular basis and they may enjoy working out with Cathe too! Sherry
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    Cathe - you have a soothing voice

    Cathe, I thought since you have two young sons you may get a kick out of this. Sometimes I exercise in the evening right after I put my son to bed (he turned 9 today) and the sound of your voice seems to put him right to sleep. Last week I got up early to exercise before going to work and...
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    Question on circuit workouts

    Cathe, How long should someone wait between circuit workouts? I did Low Impact Circuit tonight and would like to do Cardio & Weights this week as well, but I'm not sure how to space them. Thanks. Sherry
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    Low impact circuit vs low max

    Can anyone give me some feedback as to which of these two workouts you like more and why? I am looking for a great cardio workout that is a little easier on the joints than IMAX2, which I love, but I figure it would be a good idea to sometimes give the knees a break! Last year I seem to have...
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    Kickbox videos

    Can anyone give me feedback on Cathe's kickboxing videos? I know they are advanced work outs and I am not an "advanced" kickboxer. I have IMAX2 and love it, but want to add another type of exercise. I have been looking at intermediate videos from other people, but I really enjoy my Cathe...