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    Packing list - not received?

    Hi all, Did everyone else get their packing list and other information? I haven't received mine yet, I hope it didn't end up in my spam folder and I missed it! Would someone email it to me? Thanks!
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    bit scared

    I've never been either Carol but I figure it's a bunch of women all with the same passion at a beautiful resort for the weekend! It can't be bad:)
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    Who is joining me in San Diego?

    Hi everyone! I'm Janet from San Diego. I've been doing your workouts for just a couple of months now and am a little worried about keeping up but hey, you're going to be 10 minutes from could I not go! :) Everyone sounds so wonderful and the previous road trips sounded like a...
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    Hope I can keep up!

    Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to Cathe and this site (been doing the workouts for about two months). I live in San Diego so I was so excited to see the Road Trip was being held here! Can't wait to attend and meet fellow Cathe addicts! Janet