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  1. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Monday April 27th

    Good morning ladies. Today was Peak 10 Cardio Strength. I could only do 4 of them. Sweaty and breathless this morning. Hope you all have a great day. Carmen.
  2. Carmen829

    Daily Check In Thursday April 16th

    Good morning ladies - today I did 15 min on the elliptical then Lauren Brooks KB Revelation Strength I. Good workout. Enjoy the day!! Carmen.
  3. Carmen829

    Daily Check In Wednesday April 15th TAX Day

    Great morning ladies, I was so tight and sore this morning I did A.M. Yoga to get this old body moving. Have a great day!! Carmen.
  4. Carmen829

    Daily check in Thursday April 9

    Hey ladies I'm the first today! Today was 17 min elliptical and 15 min kettlebells. Lots going on here. But I try to get a workout in a couple Times per week. Hope all is well. Keep up the good work! Carmen
  5. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Friday December 26

    Good morning ladies. Today I did 4DS Lower Intensity step, shoulders, calves. No abs. I forgot how much fancy footwork is involved in that step workout. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Have a great day. Carmen.
  6. Carmen829

    Daily ch in Wed Dec 3

    I posted in yesterday's thread.,,,sorry! Carmen
  7. Carmen829

    Daily check in Friday November 28

    good morning ladies. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Today was the cardio portion of Kick Punch and Crunch. My shuffles were marches. I am out of shape. Have a great day. Carmen
  8. Carmen829

    Daily check in weekend edition Nov 1 & 2

    Good morning ladies just finished KB revolution workout one. Good workout. I retire one month from today!! so happy. Have a great workout. Carmen.
  9. Carmen829

    Daily Check In - Wed Jan 2, 2014 Happy New Year!

    Happy 2014 fitness friends! Here's to great workouts! Today I finished the 5 day HIIT challenge Sexy Sweat Off - Day 5 | The DailyHiit. I did four rounds, then added in 2 min of jump rope, and KB swings, halos, figure 8's with tricep push up. Good and sweaty! Not too much planned for...
  10. Carmen829

    Daily Check In Weekend edition Dec 21 & 22

    Good morning ladies - just finished HIIT #4 Increase Your Intensity Workout | HiitReps #20 | The DailyHiit. Used 20 lbs bb for the low lunges and 5 db for the squat with front raise. Shoulders are burning! Got 5 rounds done in 15:43. Yay! Conni glad to hear DH is home! Keep up the...
  11. Carmen829

    Daily Check In Tues Sep 3

    Good morning Ladies - This morning was A.M. Yoga. My husband has been out of town since Saturday. Its easier to workout out when I want when he's not here. Its not that he gets in the way, it just feels like I have more time to work out. I hope to get another workout in after work...
  12. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Friday August 30

    Good morning ladies...
  13. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Friday August 30

    Good morning
  14. Carmen829

    Daily Check In Tues Aug 13

    Good morning :cool:
  15. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Saturday and Sunday Aug 10 & 11

    Starting us off....:cool:
  16. Carmen829

    Daily check in Wednesday July 17

    Starting us off... I need coffee:confused: Carmen
  17. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Weekend June 8 & 9

    Good morning ladies - I feel very good this morning. today I did Stretch Max 1 and added in the balance and plyo power yoga 3 min challenge from ZCUT power yoga. That really got the heat going! D&C went well, minimal to no discomfort at home afterwards. That anesthesia was the best sleep...
  18. Carmen829

    Daily Check in Wed May 15

    getting started...
  19. Carmen829

    Daily check on weekend April 6 & 7

    Good morning
  20. Carmen829

    Daily check in weekend of March 16 & 17

    Good morning.