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    Bundle Mania - Should I get ICE?

    I've been on the fence with the ICE series, and now there is the Bundle Mania. I didn't pre-order, because I don't end up using any of Cathe's other "intermediate" workouts. Are they intense enough? I know there are the Blizzard Blasts, and the weight work looks fun; but it drives me crazy to...
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    I posted over in the DVD Questions and Comments forum, but I thought more people would see my question over here. How "intermediate" is ICE? Am I missing out? I've always done pre-orders since discovering Cathe years and years ago, but I skipped ICE because it was intermediate. Now I'm...
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    How "intermediate" is ICE?

    ICE was the only series I haven't pre-ordered since discovering Cathe ages ago. I wasn't interested in "intermediate". But now I'm wondering if I'm missing out--the workouts pop up so much in rotations. How intermediate are the workouts? I'm specifically wondering about the cardio, since I...
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    Old Altius Tower and New Fit Tower Workouts

    Will the new advanced fit tower workouts work with the old Altius tower?
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    USB player with speakers?

    Does anyone know of a device with speakers which will play music from a USB drive but does NOT have radio? Thanks!
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    Production Year

    Is there somewhere on the site that lists which year each of the workouts was produced?
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    Best Flat Iron

    I'm looking for a flat iron that will smooth and leave hair soft and shiny. I have somewhat fine hair, but there is a ton of it. It is mostly straight, but takes high heat to curl or straighten. Thanks!
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    Enjoy! :D Studio C - Skinnylicious - YouTube
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    New Fitness-related Studio C

    Another funny for your day:
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    Tech Help?

    Is there any way to get into a laptop with an old password or something? DS#1 has a HP laptop. He and DS #2 were messing around, changing the password. Somehow, something other than what they thought got entered twice, and Voila--password changed. He's tried every combination he can think of...
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    Zombie Challenge - Cool Shirt There are 3 categories, and the first will fit in nicely with the release of Cathe's new workouts. If not, there is always the Ultimate Extreme Ultra .1K! ;)
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    Marathon with Buffalo

    For those of you who want a little wildlife in your marathon route, here's a post from the recent Layton/Syracuse Marathon in northern Utah: If you want to try it next year, come on out--you can stay at my house. :eek:
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    Back to School Blues

    You know it's the start of a new school year when: - You sign any scrap of paper that appears in front of you. - The only thing longer than your shopping list is your to-do list. - The only thing shorter than your patience level are the numbers in your bank account. - You greet your students...
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    Merit Badge Max

    52-mile bike ride today. I'm calling it Merit Badge Max: My son's last requirement for his last merit badge for his Eagle Scout requirements. His project is already done, and his time requirement will be up on August 10th. Happy Son, happy Mother! :)
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    X-Box question

    Help for the clueless, please? My sons pooled their money and bought an XBox 360 console with Kinect. They would like to play some original backwards-compatible X-Box games, but it says you need a hard drive for that. Is there a way around this, or do we really have to purchase a hard drive...
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    I liked CrossFit

    I did a week of CrossFit and loved it. My friend invited me to her place: They were doing a free week for anyone who wanted to try it out. The WODs didn't include any lifting (except for bar thrusters one day) because there were so many new people, but I enjoyed my taste of the workouts. It was...
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    I liked CrossFit

    Oops--I posted in the wrong forum. I can't figure out how to delete a thread (instead of a reply), so I will leave my ending comments. I would stay with it if it weren't so expensive--yikes! Thank goodness for Cathe! She's always incorporating new things, yet her "older" workouts are...
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    CrossFit Advice?

    My friend does CrossFit, and her place is doing a free week next week for people to try it out. My friend invited me, and I'm excited to go--I've been very curious. Any advice? What footwear is recommended? I wear my Vibrams for all my workouts except running (including HiiT).
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    Funny Clip for Healthy Eaters

    My children showed this to me: They are afraid I'm heading down this road, with my green smoothies and dark chocolate. ;):p Studio C - Naturally - YouTube
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    For Fellow Slow Runners

    Probably the only time I will pass other runners: I went running on the trail by my home yesterday and ended up in the tail end of a Memorial Day Classic. I was on a 4-mile tempo run, they were finishing up a half-marathon. ;)