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  1. lauramangano


    Ok, I just saw these hanging off the back of some guys truck.....will someone please explain why they would want an extra set hanging off of their vehicle??? It's kinda funny but weird at the same time :eek:
  2. lauramangano

    Chia Seeds

    I just purchased some of these little seeds. Yes, ch-ch-ch-chia seeds! Only these are not from the kit, they are okay to eat and you can get them from health food stores. I added them to my smothie today, and they were awesome. My question is: Does anyone here eat them, and if you do, do you...
  3. lauramangano

    Coconut Oil

    Okay, I purchased a jar of coconut oil on my SIL's advice. She said that it is a great moisturizer for skin and hair, but my question is: it is good (healthy/clean) to cook with and eat? I have tried to find the answer on the internet, but there are conflicting messages. Some people say that...
  4. lauramangano

    Shoulder injury - but afraid to stop UB weights

    Ok, I think that I have torn something in my shoulder, but I am scared to death of stopping my upper body exercise for fear of losing all of my strength gains. I just take a couple of Advil and power through the pain. :( I was wondering if anyone knew if I could be damaging anything? I haven't...
  5. lauramangano

    Flood in Basement(workout room) OH NO!

    I went to do Rythmic Step today, when I noticed that there was water coming up from my puzzle mats (they are on carpet). I discovered a leak that had to do with the air conditioning unit :mad:. I had the leak fixed, but does anyone know how much a water a carpet can "take" before it should be...
  6. lauramangano

    You go away on one Cathe weekend and...

    Your garden explodes! I have at least five zucchinis that look like baseball bats. You can only leave them in your neighbor's car so many times haha. What should I do with all these squashies?
  7. lauramangano

    instructor certification

    i am a mother of three and excercise 6-7 days a week. my last child just started school and i thought it would be a good time to start a new career. i would like to share my own love of fitness and am thinking of getting certified. my question is - which organization is the best one? there...