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  1. Jacque1038

    Has PETA lost its mind, or...?

    I am a strict vegetarian and big on animal rights yet have no respect for PETA. I dislike a lot of there ads. They are sexist and objectify women. I find them a pathetic and a mindless attempt at appearing hip much like their associations with celebs.
  2. Jacque1038


    I also have cashed their checks with no problems.
  3. Jacque1038

    The Last House on the Left

    The original one from the 70s disturbed me so I can not even imagine how violent one made in 2009 would be. I love horror but I like suspenseful horror. Rape scenes really disturb me.
  4. Jacque1038

    Weight Watchers Tuesday 2/24

    Yesterday I ended up staying in my point range which I was happy about. In the evening once I hit my points for the day I brushed my teeth and said no more. Today I did the shoulder work from the 4 day split and the kickbox from the for day split. So far I have had a glass of light chocolate soy...
  5. Jacque1038

    Anyone Watch What Not To Wear?

    I do not know I have a love hate relationship with that show. On one hand I think they do help a lot of people by making them look better after the show. Many of the people that are on that show were not dressing appropriately for their professions. Some of the guests were job hunting and I...
  6. Jacque1038

    Weight Watchers Monday 2/23

    Buffy you are welcome to join. Today I had some green tea and toast with flax seed ground on top for breakfast. I will have to mess around with low point soup recipes because I find the weight watchers 0 point veggie soup not appealing at all. I was looking at the progresso soups at the...
  7. Jacque1038

    Weight Watchers Tuesday 2/17

    Good morning. Yesterday I decided to try Amy Bento's Advanced Step Challenge 3. I was all proud of myself because I got the first combo down without any trouble but after that it was all downhill. I ended up putting it away and doing some of Lowmax instead. I am in the kind of mind frame were...
  8. Jacque1038

    Weight Watchers Monday 2/16

    This morning I am having steel cut oats with some berries and protein powder for breakfast. I have some of that veggie soup I plan on eating through out the day to help keep me full. It also helps me get some servings of veggies because I am really bad at that. Sometimes I work out at the...
  9. Jacque1038

    Weight Watchers check in thread

    Hi everyone. I would love to join a weight watchers check in. I was happy with my weight a couple years ago but my weight had creeped back up to 193 pounds. I would like to get down to the 150s. I just signed up for weight watchers online a couple weeks ago. A check in on the Cathe board to...
  10. Jacque1038

    So, what kind of car do you drive and why?

    Honda Civic 2001 Coupe 1. I drive a lot for school so I needed something with good gas mileage 2. Affordable 2. Reliable 3. cute and sorta sporty
  11. Jacque1038

    Protein powder recommendations

    I use You can build your own protein powder. I use a mix of gamma, hemp and rice protein.
  12. Jacque1038

    Your strangest holiday gift?

    My X MIL got me this night shirt that was not really something for someone my age. My X and I were just dating at the time and I was about 20 years old. It was light pink (I wore and still wear mostly darker colors like purple and black) and had a cat sitting in a basket on it. Maybe not as...
  13. Jacque1038

    True Blood finale **SPOILER**

    I think that is a good theory. When he said the the thing about werewolfs it seemed personal to him. Also I believe if the traditional lure about werewolfs is used in the books/show werewolfs can change other people into werewolfs by biting them. Maybe that is why she takes in down on their luck...
  14. Jacque1038

    True Blood finale **SPOILER**

    I think she is probably a shifter also. I think I remember Sam saying that shifters keep animals around as templates. I do not know what her plans are for Tara. She was the one standing in the road that caused her to wreck her car so it is obvious she planned it. Maybe a way to get at Sam? I do...
  15. Jacque1038

    Registry for kids birthday party?

    I agree that that is presumptuous and obnoxious. After all in theory when you receive an invitation to a party or event it is requesting your company at an event not your company and wallet. I guess they are normal for something like a wedding but it seems silly for a kids birthday party...
  16. Jacque1038

    So, vegetarians, what are you having...

    Favirote Tofurky Recipe... I finally dug out that recipe and thought I would post it here rather then create a whole new thread. I like this recipe a lot better then the store bought stuff. It is easy to make just takes some prep work. It was published in Vegetarian Times a few years ago but I...
  17. Jacque1038

    vegan/veg cookbook

    I second the above suggestions. Her recipes always turn out well for me and it is the type of stuff you can feed non veggies.
  18. Jacque1038

    Biggest Loser going too far???

    To me it is not worth losing weight in a method that is not something you will be able to maintain most of the time for the rest of your life. As a female eating 1,200 calories a day and working out for 7 can not be a permanent lifestyle. It is just done for ratings and the effect of it all. I...
  19. Jacque1038

    Did you see the kid's arteries???

    One of the guys at work was telling me about that story. How can a kid be a kid if he can not run and play and do all that stuff? I know health care/insurance is a touchy issue with people and we have a lot of problems with it now. What is going to happen when these children get older and need...
  20. Jacque1038

    whiny vent sorta post

    Thank you for your replies. I guess I just felt bad because she is obese (5 5ish and over 200 pounds) and I felt like maybe having someone to go the gym with would help motivate her. The phone calls do bother me. One of the last time she actually went she got a phone call from one of her guys...