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  1. Candiceena

    Fat Loss check in?

    A it still going? Would anyone care to start one back up? Maybe a fat loss and/or maintenance? I'm starting a new 6-week xtrain rotation and would love the accountability!!
  2. Candiceena

    3-5 days to tone legs & de-bloat???

    I need the help of my fellow Cathletes!! I have a suprise event coming up. Lets just say Part 1 is on Friday night with Part 2 going on all day on Sunday. Just found out about it all today. I need to know what I should do to "de-bloat" and kind of tone up the legs a bit? I'm not worried...
  3. Candiceena

    My 2 Beginner XTrain rotations are now in the workout manager :)

    Hi everyone - The two beginner XTrain rotations I posted a few months ago are now in the workout calendar. The 3-4x/wk one is titled "Kinder Gentler" and the 5x/wk one is titled "Beginner(ish)" Im doing these rotations in June & July so I added them to the WOM and thought it might be...
  4. Candiceena

    I give up on protein shakes!

    I've had it. I'm giving up. I have spent so much money trying to find a protein shake that I can drink. They all make me DEAD TIRED within 20-30 min of drinking them. I have tried fancy organic whey that is grassfed. Right now I've got a tub of Body Fortress vanilla whey that I bought at the...
  5. Candiceena

    Why do my feet hurt when working out? Do I need new shoes?

    Hi my fellow Cathletes, I was hoping you all could give me some insight into a problem I've noticed. When I am doing my workouts my feet hurt - its the bottom of my feet, and it's like the muscles of my foot-sole are BURNING (kinda like how our quads burn in workouts sometimes! hehe). Sometimes...
  6. Candiceena

    Favorite rotation ever?

    Hi everyone!! Thought we could get a good tread going about your favorite rotations you've done. Can be Cathe or someone else :) with summer here or around the corner (depending on where you live!) I'd love to get some suggestions for planning the rest of the year out!!
  7. Candiceena

    Help with Freezing & Refridgerating Leftovers?

    Hi everyone, I'm a single-person household and have recently been getting into cooking more of my meals from scratch. I've been using some "cooking for one" cookbooks although I must admit they are not the MOST healthy food options although they are better than processed/fast foods...
  8. Candiceena

    Ideas for motivation?

    Hi girls, Wanted to poll you all and see what types of resources you use to help you get and/or stay motivated? I'm feeling pretty good and motivated right now but would love more ideas. Personally I enjoy seeing others successes, and I don't mean fitness models in magazines but rather...
  9. Candiceena

    Solution to decision paralysis re: diet choices

    Hi all, So first off thanks to everyone who gave me great feedback and input on my recent thread about The Simple Diet, decision paralysis, food purism, etc. You guys really always do such a great job of helping me sort out my thoughts. I love these forums :) I am posting this in a...
  10. Candiceena

    The Simple Diet by Dr. Anderson, letting go of food purism, and decision paralysis

    Hi my fellow Cathletes! Has anyone heard of this? It is a book. The premise is that you eat a minimum of 3 shakes (or soups), 2 entrees, and 5 servings of fruits & veggies per day. That is the minimum. You can also eat bars. Other requirements include tracking whether or not you followed the...
  11. Candiceena

    What Tom Venuto said about Cathe DVDs on his forums :)

    Hi all- I'm a member of Tom Venuto's BFFM Inner Circle. They have forums there. Someone recently posted asking about tabata/HIIT videos. Another poster recommended Cathe. This is a direct quote from Tom Venuto himself...he explains that he is not a video person, but then states: "that...
  12. Candiceena

    Candice's Kinder-Gentler 6-Week Beginner XTrain Rotation + MODS for cardio!

    Hi Everyone, As I mentioned in my other thread, I have come up w/ an even kinder-gentler version of the original beginner Xtrain rotation. Here are the main specs on this rotation: It is 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks Weeks 1-4 have workouts 3x/wk Weeks 5-6 have workouts 4x/wk It follows...
  13. Candiceena

    How often does Cathe release new sets/workouts?

    Having been a Cathelete for only a year now (and I didn't know about her prior) - I was just wondering how often she comes out w/ new series/sets of workouts? I know the New 2013 DVDs just got released but I'm just curious. :p
  14. Candiceena

    sleepy/tired - temporary side effects of starting to lift heavy/heavier?

    Hi Cathe - or anyone who can answer! :) I've just started XTrain and am wondering about the temporary side effects that come w/ lifting heavy (or, at least heavy to me, compared to what I was used to). I am on Day 2 and feel tired! Not necessarily a bad thing because God knows I could...
  15. Candiceena

    Candice's Beginner(ish) XTrain 5x/wk Rotation

    Hi everyone! :) I am so excited because I finally got my XTrain DVDs in the mail (and all the others I ordered from the black friday sale!!) Seeing as how it's been a while since I worked out w/ Cathe consistently, I wanted to give myself a 30-day rotation to follow to get back into the...
  16. Candiceena

    Name of the Cathe Forums app?

    Hi all, What is the name of the iPad app for the forums? I can't seem to find it! I'm using an iPad mini. Does anyone else use it with a mini?
  17. Candiceena

    I've posted an updated version of the 16-week Weight Loss rotation!

    Hi everyone - Just wanted to let you guys know I worked on a brand new version of the 16 week weight loss rotation! I have posted it over in the Rotations forum. It doesn't use STS or the 8 new videos (sorry!) but it does use LIS, XTrain, CF, and TTM. I also posted a generic version! :)
  18. Candiceena

    UPDATED 16-Week Max Weight Loss Rotation

    Hi Everyone! So, I've really been intrigued by the 16-week max weight loss rotation. I decided to make an updated version. It features Xtrain, LIS, CF, & TTM. A generic rotation follows the actual rotation. But first, some notes on how I came up with this: I first wrote down the original...
  19. Candiceena

    Found a great protein shake!

    Hi all! I have discovered a new protein shake and I wanted to share it here on the forums. It is called Svelte and it is by CalNaturale. They sell 4-packs at Walmart for $6.98. You can also buy at Amazon & Safeway. They are gluten-free and they are soy based and I believe are...
  20. Candiceena

    BFFM available as hardcover now!

    Hi Everyone!! Just wanted to share with you all that Tom Venuto's BFFM (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle) is being released on December 10th in Hardcover format!! It's available on Amazon for about $16 or $17. I just pre-ordered. I'm really excited!! I got GREAT results following this...