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  1. lauramangano

    Any medical professionals out there who can explain

    I hear you Laura. My absolute pet peeve is a snotty if I'm BOTHERING her with my questions or request for information. I have actually stopped seeing a certain doctor because of the office staff. And my husband goes to a great doctor, but I won't even bother to see him...
  2. lauramangano

    Workout Manager issue.

    Not working for me either....just tried this am.
  3. lauramangano

    Workout Manager issue.

    Just wanted to say that I am having the same issue and it has been happening for over a month. I have been printing the card from the STS menu instead, but the font is smaller and I like the print from the workout manager better.
  4. lauramangano

    Vibram FiveFingers-Bikila

    Ha! Those are cute! I got a pair for myself for Christmas, but they are wrapped up and I have not tried them out yet. Thanks for the review though....I will give feedback once I have worn them for a while.
  5. lauramangano

    Cardio before or after weight training

    Weights first!
  6. lauramangano


    Just wanted to say ME TOO! These are my absolute favorite right now and would love to see more!
  7. lauramangano

    decreased/no cardio

    The cut process works by slowly lowering calories, not necessarily fat, over a period of time making sure to keep protein and fat levels where they should be to spare muscle. You also have to keep lifting heavily, and add cardio back in, but sparingly. This is my first attempt at this...
  8. lauramangano

    decreased/no cardio

    I will keep everyone posted on my progress and I'll let you know what has happened so far. Starting in September, I slowly increased my calories by about 100 or so a day for a week. Then another 100 for the next week and so on. I did this to allow my body to get used to the increase in...
  9. lauramangano

    decreased/no cardio

    I am solely focusing on muscle building with the accompanying "bulk" nutrition cycle and therefore have cut out all traditional cardio from my workout regime. I am currently lifting six days a week, split routines that hit each muscle group twice per week. This is a totally different approach...
  10. lauramangano

    Chia seeds

    I have been eating these for a while now. I add the seeds not to water, but seltzer and pomegranate seeds with a squirt of agave nectar. It is soooo good, but I can see how some people would not like it. It does have the consistency of frog eggs......but I loooove it!:eek:
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    My 15 yr daughter suffers from this also, as do I. I can't seem to pinpoint what triggers these attacks, but they come every so often, last about 3-5 days, and then go away. They are a big pain in the arse, but don't seem to be harmful in any way. My mother suffers from menniers (sp?) and has...
  12. lauramangano

    Pace weights

    This is happening to mine as well! My SIL and I were just talking about this 'cause we were wondering if they were lighter without the little weight bits on them. Please let us know what the company says. Thanks, Laura
  13. lauramangano

    Eat during workout?

    Yes, towards the end of a heavy weight workout, sometimes I am STARVING!! I have yet to stop and get food, however. I just suck it up and wait till the end.
  14. lauramangano

    Static zaps...Yeowch!!!

    Yup, been happening to me too! I actually touched the tv the other day and the shock was so large that it turned the tv off. Unfortunately, I think the only solution is humidity, and I know that I don't want to run the humidifier in the basement. I just deal with it for those couple of cold...
  15. lauramangano

    Anyone take ibuprofen everyday for muscle aches?

    About six months ago, I was taking it everyday for a shoulder injury, not for everyday muscle aches. The stuff really does work, but if you are using it because of your workouts, then maybe you need to switch something up. You should not be working the same muscle groups on consecutive days as...
  16. lauramangano

    What's the one workout DVD you hate to do but you do it anyway?

    There are really no weight DVDs that I hate to, love, love weight work, but cardio....that's another matter altogether. I would have to say either Max Intensity Cardio (it goes on for-EVER) or BodyMax I cardio portion.
  17. lauramangano

    Does it REALLY have to be like this?!?

    Jonezie - I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts and blog. I've seen some pretty negative posts around here lately...some directed at others and some directed at you, but you always seem to remain level headed and respond with the utmost kindness and class. Keep it up. Laura
  18. lauramangano

    What One Food Makes You Wanna Open a Can of Whoop-Ass?

    these deadly little crackers call to me like no other....but the resulting heartburn has taught me that I can never eat these again...
  19. lauramangano

    She's gotta move it move it

    Kesha's album has got that pop thing going for it too.....