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  1. fargomom

    Does anyone live in North Dakota?

    I have been away from Cathe's forums for a while. Does anyone else live in the land of wind and snow, like me? :D I'm curious if any other Cathe devotees are in my state.
  2. fargomom

    What is your favorite/least favorite body part to work?

    My favorite is a tie between shoulders and biceps. My upper body responds well to weight lifting and I notice definition in those areas first. Lower body? Ehhh. Not so much. So I don't necessarily dislike working my legs, but I sure wish I could see the payoff faster. Abs is probably my least...
  3. fargomom

    Is the "Perfect Pushup" worth it?

    Clothing, Toys, Electronics, Jewelry, Jaclyn Smith - I received this for a gift. Does anyone else use this to do pushups? Yay or nay?
  4. fargomom


    Why am I just discovering this show now?? ;) I am not a TV watcher. We don't even have cable... but last night I watched the first episode of Homeland online. I want more!! Anyone else a fan? Does it get even better after the first episode??
  5. fargomom

    Update to list of Cathe DVDs I own?

    I was looking through the User CP settings for myself and noticed the list of "Cathe DVD's I own" is not current. It doesn't list the new LIS workouts for example, as well as other, recent DVDs. Just curious if this has come up before in the forums? Or am I the only one noticing this? ;)
  6. fargomom

    Christmas letters ... yay or nay??

    Thoughts on sending out Christmas letters? Are you for it or against? My DH and I used to send out Christmas letters for the first few years of our marriage, but now we don't. We have our reasons .... worried we come across too braggy, feel like we're reapeating stuff people already know...
  7. fargomom

    Anyone from North Dakota?

    Any North Dakota Cathe fans out there?? :)
  8. fargomom

    workout manager has given me a proverbial kick in the butt

    I've been on a hiatus from exercising due to pregnancy and laziness. I haven't had any sort of a routine since Sept '09 ..... but now thanks to the calendar function on workout manager I'm back on the wagon!!! I love plugging in my completed workouts on the calendar. Seeing the little picture...
  9. fargomom

    bikini for small chested?

    I'm an A-cup and frankly have quite a time finding a bikini (i.e. the top) that fits correctly. I'm curious if any other small chested women would be willing to share where you buy your suit? I'm looking for a bikini, but would appreciate any input. I'm currently wearing a halter style top...
  10. fargomom

    cardio coach - how's it work?

    I've read so much on this forum about CC, and am interested, but have a few questions. How does it work? I get that you use it while on the treadmill or the elliptical, but does Coach Sean (I think that's his name) tell you what incline or resistance to set the machine at? Or do you do it on...
  11. fargomom

    fitness freak - question about cardio amount

    Hi Debbie. I appreciate the advice and support you offer us here. :) I have a quick question regarding amount of cardio. I know cardio isn't the be all end all, but I find it hard to only do 3 days a week, as you suggested in the Jan rotation (and other past rotations). In other words, I feel...
  12. fargomom

    question about barbell use in videos

    When Cathe says she's "loading up her barbell to 40 pounds," or "I'll be using 30 pounds," what does she mean? I have the troy lite barbell. So the bar is 5 pounds. Is the bar counted in the weight? For example, if Cathe says 40 pounds, do I figure the 5 pound bar and then add on 35 pounds of...
  13. fargomom

    stayed on wagon - how'd you do it?

    For those that have managed to stay on the wagon through the holidays ... how'd you do it?
  14. fargomom

    I peeked - getting muscle endurance!

    I've been bad! I peeked at my christmas gift from my MIL. YIPPEE! I'm going to get Bootcamp and Muscle Endurance! Been wanting this for a while ... I'm so excited! :p :o Just curious how you use ME, as a total body weight workout 1-2 x's a week? Or once a week? I suppose it depends on one's...
  15. fargomom

    nude colored sports bras?

    I hate wearing white sports bras under white workout shirts. I know there's gotta be some nude colored sports bras out there for small busted women (I'm a 34-A), can anyone help?! I'm hoping for a bra that's relatively inexpensive, in the $15-35 range. :D
  16. fargomom

    anyone buy new cross trainers recently?

    I know there has been discussion on this topic fairly recently, but when I searched I wasn't satisifed, so I guess I'm throwing this question out there again. :D :o I'd like to know what brand of shoe you are wearing and if you like it. I'm in dire need of a new pair of cross trainers...
  17. fargomom

    need a change

    So I joined a gym. I know, I know. :o I still LOVE Cathe and have her workouts in my rotation, but I just needed a little pick-me-up. This summer I began running twice weekly outside and fell in love with it, but with colder weather on the way here in North Dakota I knew there was no way I could...
  18. fargomom

    weights needed for each workout?

    I'm curious if anyone has put together a list of what weights or equipment are needed for each of Cathe's workouts? Specifically her workouts that do not list that on the back of the DVD box. I've tried to put little post-it notes on the front of each DVD so I know which equipment to have...
  19. fargomom

    12" or 14" high step?

    I'm thinking about adding the highstep to my Christmas list, but my question is which one? The 12" or the 14" step? I currently own the smaller size step, so if I owned the high step it would be a stand alone item, I wouldn't be able to swap the risers from my step to the high step. Do most of...
  20. fargomom

    total body weight w/o questions

    Besides MM, what other Cathe DVD's qualify as a total body weight workout? Can I do the weight segments from a dvd like Drill Max or Low Impact Circuit -- then will that qualify as total body? Or are they not long enough? Does total body simply mean doing both upper body and lower body on...