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  1. sjdavis

    RWH 2 month or Xtrain 90 day Undulating

    I'm getting ready to start a new long rotation. I'm trying to decide between the RWH 2 month rotation (which I've done and LOVE) and the Xtrain 90 day Undulating rotation (which I have not done). I have done many Xtrain workouts and love them too, but I haven't done the heavy lifting ones. I...
  2. sjdavis

    Doorway Pull Up Bar

    I'm looking at getting a pull up bar that fits in my doorway and would love some input. Do any of you have one? Which one? There are a lot of varieties out there. Pros/Cons?
  3. sjdavis

    Video Tutorials

    Hi Cathe, Like most of the people on this forum, I'm a lifetime exerciser. I consider myself very fit and relatively strong, thanks to your videos and leadership. Also, like most of the people on this forum, I've always been an "at home" exerciser so that can sometimes have me question proper...
  4. sjdavis

    Cathe, Is this you and Deezee?

    I found this picture on a local gym website while looking for a local kickboxing class. I thought, "Wait a minute that looks like Cathe".
  5. sjdavis

    Weighted Vest

    I'd like to get a weighted vest, but know nothing about what I might need. I'd like one that is adjustable, but what would be a good total weight. I know there are some of you who have them and use them so I'd love some advice. Thanks.
  6. sjdavis

    I'm Huge

    I'm a 30 year aerobic veteran, but I'm only about a year into heavy weights and I love how strong I've gotten; I am in love with RWH. A major drawback is that I have gotten much bigger. My shoulders are huge (my son calls me the Hulk), my legs have gotten bigger too. Many of my clothes are...
  7. sjdavis


    I need some new shoes, but always struggle to find a pair with good lateral support. What shoes are everyone else wearing?
  8. sjdavis

    Protein Powder?

    In the "Training and Eating Smart" conversation some of you posted that you thought that protein powder caused weight gain. I've only been using protein powder for 9 or 10 months, but I have not been able to lose a single pound since. I eat a mostly clean diet so I haven't been able to figure...
  9. sjdavis

    Shoe Recommendations

    I'm moving this question to the Open Discussion because I haven't had any responses in the product section. Thanks for any input. I would love some recommendations for shoes. I've been using Brooks "minimalist" and I really like them, but am always looking for something with more side...
  10. sjdavis

    shoe recommendation

    I would love some recommendations for shoes. I've been using Brooks "minimalist" and I really like them, but am always looking for something with more side support. Anyone have any great shoe suggestions?
  11. sjdavis

    Clean Eating and Carbohydrates

    I follow a pretty strict clean diet. My overall aim is for twice as many veggies as fruits; lean, organic meat, with an occasional organic red meat; avoid wheat and sugar almost all the time (I do eat small amounts of raw organic honey); no processed foods, except protein powder. My question has...
  12. sjdavis

    Rotation planning

    I'm trying to plan how to fit the January rotation into my schedule. I get up at 5 to find time to work out so I don't have more than 45 -60 minutes in the morning, depending on the day. Some days I have to leave earlier than other days. I'm looking at separating the workouts when there are...
  13. sjdavis


    I love the FlexTrain video and would love even more some suggestions for similar videos. Any ideas?
  14. sjdavis


    I am 5' 7.5" and have always weighed between 132-135. I am 44 now and my weight has crept up to 140. I eat about 1600-1800 calories a day and track that carefully ( I just can't keep to the 1200-1300, I'm starving all day). I have not changed anything, in fact in the last 5-6 months I have...
  15. sjdavis

    weight set recommendation

    I'm a veteran Cathlete, but new to strength training. Can anyone recommend a good weight set? I'm looking at the Troy brss-110.