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  1. m keith

    For Tony Horton fans in Dallas

    Greetings all - I just thought I would pass along some information to all those interested. Beachbody is holding an event on Saturday, September 13 in Dallas that will include a live workout with P90X's Tony Horton. It will be at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport from 1:00 to 6:00 PM...
  2. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 8-4

    GREETINGS!!! All right then, I hope all is well with everyone - it's been a hectic week for me indeed, but I've managed to start up a new p90x+ rotation. My marathon training has to be put on hold for a few weeks - apparently, I have developed runner's knee (yikes). Now I have to take it easy...
  3. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 8-28

    What's up guys??? I know I have been MIA for a few days - what can you do? So - the running is going pretty well - been having a little knee trouble but I am hoping to work through the problem. I did a six miler this morning and some upper body resistance band work. now...I'm off to a...
  4. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 8-14

    Good morning guys!! I thought I would get an early start today. Honestly, my legs are STILL a little tweaked from the RT - I figure I'm back to about I managed to get a 5 mile run in this morning. Then - just for good measure - I did Coremax 1 and 2. woohoo!! My new goal is to hold the...
  5. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 7-31

    Hey guys - I feel like I have abandoned the group over the last couple of days - I keep getting distracted and forgetting to check in. Lots going on, I guess. At any rate - HELLO! I hope all is well with everyone! I've been running a lot this week and doing a lot of core work too. GS has been...
  6. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 7-28

    greetings!!! I just crushed IMAX II - love it! I hope all is well with everyone - catch you all tomorrow Keith
  7. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 7-24

    What's up guys...I haven't been on in a few days but worry not...I have been working out like a madman. I've bumped up the running quite a bit and have given Amy Bento's slo-mo series a try. I'd say its pretty good - she throws in a few curve balls. Exercises start out (deceptively) easy but...
  8. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 7-12

    Where's all the guys today?? well - my backside is still killing me from yesterday (DOMS city) so I'm focusing on upper body. GS perhaps....well have to see - I'm working out sort of late today. Other then that - it's freakin' hot in the Old Dominion today - I'm just trying to stay...
  9. m keith

    "Any guys out there?" 7-11

    Hey guys - So..I just did Tony Horton's new One on One - the first installment, Plyo Legs. As I figured, it's pretty hardcore. There are several familiar moves that he bumps up and some new stuff too. Altogether, I would rate it pretty high on the intensity scale...I had to stop short more...
  10. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 7-4

    Happy fourth everyone!! Today is a cardio day...and I haven't done IMAX II in ages. So, I'm really looking forward to my afternoon workout. Catch you all later, Keith
  11. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 7-3

    Hey guys - funny, I cranked my shoulder yesterday and wound up in my chiropractor's office. I was supposed to lean forward on some kneeling bench thing (technical name??) Anyway, the bench collapsed and left me in the office doing a face plant with my a$$ in the air. My chiropractor...
  12. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 7-1

    Good morning guys! So...I downloaded cardio coach vol 8 and I'm all geared up to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes. And man - my chest is on fire from yesterday. Cathe's Gym Style gets me every single time. Catch you all later, Keith
  13. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-30

    Greetings gents! I'm back from a long week of talking to middle/high school teachers about the US Civil War. How exciting, yes? I did manage to get some workouts in - although not as many as I'll have to make up a little this week. Yesterday, I did the Cardio Coach "press play"...
  14. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-21

    Good morning gents - I DO believe in in for some gym style legs today - and possibly some deck staining if it does not rain. And...I might be MIA for the next several days (maybe) I'm working this Civil War history seminar and there could be some pretty long days. I'll hopefully be checking...
  15. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-19

    Good morning gents, I'm having a gym style week - yesterday I did GS chest and triceps (the drop set of pushups still kills me) and today I'm on to Back, shoulders and biceps. I also did #3 in coremax and...I have made new commitment to clean eating. I am trying trying trying to cut (most)...
  16. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-17

    Good morning gents - Well, yesterday was exciting indeed. Turns out, Cathe did not teach the Yoga class, but she was there taking it with us, and the class was really good - exactly what I needed after those boot camp drills. Now I'm off to Philly for an academic conference - I generally...
  17. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-18

    Greetings gents - Well - My wife and I are here in South Jersey about to go to Cathe's class...very exciting. Yesterday before I drove up from Va I did Muscle Max. Rockin!! SO - I think we are going to stick around at the gym and catch the Yoga class that follows kickbox - I'll check in...
  18. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-13

    Good morning gents...I went MIA yesterday - life just sort of got in the way. but, I'm back and ready to go! I'm targeting core today and trying to break some plateaus - so I'm going after coremax 1 & 2 (yikes) I'll finish up with an interval run to get my lazy butt moving after 2 days off...
  19. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-10

    Greeting gents - I'm continuing with the gym style split today with GS back shoulders and biceps. I'm really going to go for it too..especially the bicep part. I'll report back later (if I can type) So long for now, Keith
  20. m keith

    "any guys out there?" 6-9

    Greetings gents - hot hot hot...that's all I have to say. I'm starting a gym style split today - followed by some serious ab work. If anybody is on board for listing their current goals - I'm in. Check out yesterday's check in for mine. I'm all in to accountability if you are. Catch you all...