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  1. Govtgirl

    How I did *not* know about the awesomeness of the Workout Blender?!

    Ok, I feel like a dope. A few days ago I was going to post asking what Cathe workouts are 1) circuit 2) with alternating upper and lower body 3) with step 4) at about 45 minutes long. The reason being, is that I can't handle too much upper or lower body at one time (I get too pooped out/bored/...
  2. Govtgirl

    Where's Govt Girl?

    Oh, here I am! I always wanted to be one of those popular posters whose absence was noticed after 15 minutes and a search party was organized by the local townspeople, but I guess that ain't me! :p Yup, I am in a dorky mood, but I DID at least find my way back to the the forum! I haven't done...
  3. Govtgirl

    Has anyone sold stuff through Cafepress, Zazzle, etc?

    I'm thinking of selling some stuff through my website, like t-shirt designs, and things specific to my field but don't want to have to deal with inventory if I don't have to. I see these website where you can set up stores, but I'm not sure how cost effective it is (my share of profit) or safe...
  4. Govtgirl

    Please welcome "Bettie" to the forum >^..^<

    I hope nobody minds my posting the newest addition to our family: Bettie. Everyone was so wonderful when my sweetie kitty Murphy died suddenly this month (he's in the avatar), I thought you might want to see who he brought to us. Because, I kind of beleive that....I had a another major crying...
  5. Govtgirl

    Do you have a maid?

    For the past few years, my husband has said that when we made enough money, he wanted me to have a maid come in a couple times a month. I have always said "no way", I don't want someone in my house when I'm not home touching my stuff, and I don't want to spend the money on it. We would joke back...
  6. Govtgirl

    Came home, found my sweet baby kitty, dead

    I am devastated............sweet little fuzzy red-headed kitty named MUrphy, upstiars, looked like he was asleep afterplaying with string, dead, gone. I screamed and freaked and called my sister and petted him hoping it was all a big mistake and he would wake up. No. He's gone., out of the...
  7. Govtgirl

    Am I the only person that didn't like Avatar?

    We downloaded and watched it last night. I was underwhelmed, to say the least :confused: Yes, of course, the CG was AWESOME, it was incredible what they can do nowadays with computers. It all looked so real and beautiful. But, the story, the writing, the overall entertainment value of it...
  8. Govtgirl

    Two weeks of faithful exercise, GAINED 4 pounds!!

    :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Ok.....I know it's got to be water, swollen muscles, right?? RIGHT?! When is it going to go down???? (insert...
  9. Govtgirl

    OMG! Sarah Jessica Parker is a skeleton!

    :( I can't even begin to describe. Just look:
  10. Govtgirl

    Blog etiquette?

    Ok, I've started a blog :) It's all about forensic art, since that's what I do. It's an educational and informative site, kind of "what the job is really like" sort of thing. I know that traffic builds through linking to other blogs, they link back ,etc, but what I'm wondering is, is it crass...
  11. Govtgirl

    Gaining weight, NOT starving, helped female Olympian! I love it!

    Finally, a story about a strong woman that gained 10 pounds and is not being raked over the coals for it. You really should read this story (it's short) about skater Tanith Belbin, who gained 10 pounds on purpose and is happy about it! Here's a snippet, and the link below. “I thought I was out...
  12. Govtgirl

    Carnie Wilson annoys me

    Remember, that singer that weighed over 300 pounds, had a bypass and lost over 150 of it, had full-body cosmetic surgery, posed in Playboy, and now has gained over half of it back? Well, now she's moaning again, for a buck of course. You'd have to buy the whole People magazine to get the full...
  13. Govtgirl

    So utterly hooked on "Say Yes to the Dress"!

    What is it about this show, that I am so totally addicted to?! I only started watching it a little while ago, my sister got me hooked on it, and now when i come home and see TiVo has remembered to record it, I do a little happy dance and plunk down with a glass of pinot grigio! :eek: I'm also...
  14. Govtgirl

    Can we PLEASE have a snow day on a weekday???

    ...instead of Friday or Saturday, where it doesn't do anybody any good?? Last week, it snowed on Saturday, right when my sister and I had hair and nails and shopping planned, and the snow blew it all to h*ll. I was stuck on I-95 in tears I was so mad and scared I'd be in a wreck. Now they're...
  15. Govtgirl

    My brilliant idea in the name of "openness"

    I say we all make a "pinkie-swear" to NOT give threads star-ratings...AT ALL. A total boycott. If you have the urge, either resist or have the courage to explain why. Because normally I see great threads marked with one or two stars, and I can only think it's some sort of personal vendetta...
  16. Govtgirl

    The thief who stole my credit card is constipated and overweight.

    How do I know this little tidbit about the dirtbag that got ahold of my credit card number? Oh, because the little minx ordered (so far) 4 bottles of colon cleaners, diet pills, and fat burners. Too bad I can't find whoever did it and shove a Cathe DVD down her throat! :cool:
  17. Govtgirl

    Who has reached their goal weight and/or fitness level...and is "done"?

    Is anyone just fine and dandy with where they are? You've done all the work, love your body, are about as fit as you're ever gonna be, and are just happy to maintain that? I lost about 8 pounds a few months ago, I'm 130 now, and have been maintaining that since. I thought "well, I'm not where...
  18. Govtgirl

    Do you ever just want to throw everything out and start over?

    As I survey the junkheap that my basement has become, I'm too tired to even think about sorting through stuff and organizing it, I just want to dump the whole mess and start over. Which isn't exactly the frugal thing to do, but it sure would feel good to just have it done and over with. I know...
  19. Govtgirl

    Jillian M. said "it's mostly clean diet" not workout length!

    Did anyone see Jillian Michaels on Jay Leno last night? Number one, she looked fab-yooo-lus, but then Jay asked her if she had to spend a lot of time in gym. She said (essentially): only about 3-4 hours a week in the long as I keep my diet clean that's enough. Of course, rght when...
  20. Govtgirl

    Men are such silly, simple creatures! create and watch a "reality" show solely of big-boobed women working out at a gym to a hiphop soundtrack. And that's all it is. I swear. It's called "Fitness Beauties" :p You have to see it to beleive it. My husband and I stumbled on the MAV channel (??) this morning, and our jaws...