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    Oh my gosh !! The DOMS

    Hello everybody, I have been away from regular exercise for about a year. Injuries and life got in the way. Things are back to normal (thank goodness) and I am back in the saddle and 30 pounds heavier. Tuesday was leg day and my question is - what do you do for the doms?? I am so sore...
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    Hi Cathletes !! So I was sitting at my desk wondering just what songs Cathe is going to put on the new DVD'S. So lets help her out and give her some ideas. Mine are Feeling Hot Hot Hot - love that one You Make My Dreams - Hall & oats Mercy - Duffy Pump It Up - Elvis Costello Nothin...
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    Music in crossfire and to the max

    Hi ladies!!! Does anybody know the songs played in these two DVDs ?? I just love the music and the only ones I can pick out is Kelly clarkson and LMFAO. I'm leaving for vacation and would love to be able to download these songs off of iTunes before I leave. Thanks in advance Carol
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    Today's the day????

    Just wondering if anybody got any shipping info yet. I'm so excited !! I just cant wait to have those DVD's in my hands.
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    Bouncing quarters

    So I've done a few of the LIS DVD now and I must say with all the squats and lunges you"ll be able to bounce a quarter off of my 47 year old behind !! And that a GOOD thing - Thanks Cathe. Just wondering does anybody know what happened to Cee Dee?? She is missing from all the workouts...
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    How often or how long do you exercise a day?

    Hi all !! I was just wondering how often or how long do you exercise a day?? I exercise before work in the morning (cardio) and then again in the evening (weight lifting or yoga). When I read the forums I feel like I'm a slacker with all the exercising other people are doing. I just don't...