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  1. *~Jessica~*

    Yoga burn?

    Hi Cathe...would you consider doing a yoga burn workout? Absolutely love your Your 1st one you made and would love to see a more advanced /fat burn routine❤️
  2. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I finally tried Yoga max and LOVED it!! I never really tried yoga to that extreme before. Would love to see her do more:)
  3. *~Jessica~*

    contact us NOT working

    got it........
  4. *~Jessica~*

    anyone try the "personal microderm"device?

    I was browsing thru the new Beauty magazine and came across a new (or SEMI new) device called the personal microderm. It was seen on Dr oz as well. Anyway, was wondering if anyone has tried it? here is the link Personal Microderm Skin Care Reviews any thoughts?
  5. *~Jessica~*

    not able to open workout manager

    anyone else getting this when trying to log on to w/o manager Fatal error: Call to a member function RecordCount() on a non-object in /home/chrstp1/public_html/workout/classes/user/workoutmanager.class.php on line 2060 Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown...
  6. *~Jessica~*

    75 ways to love your oatmeal

    I ordered the Book " 75 ways to love your oatmeal" by Jenny Grothe and LOVE it!! Has anyone heard of it? I was amazed at how many recipes there were to making oatmeal! I already tried 3 of her recipes (Baked apple pie,Banana bread crock pot steel cut oats, and peach cobbler Baked). I had to...
  7. *~Jessica~*

    anyone here in on the pinterest craze?

    I was lured into the pinterest website and got instantly addicted to it! Has anyone here been there or have an acct? I signed up for an invite, but people are saying it will take weeks before we get a reply:confused: I couldnt understand why it was such a big deal.....until I realised I had...
  8. *~Jessica~*

    anyone try physique57?

    After doing cathes turbo bar, I am now interested in doing MORE barr workouts:D has anyone done the physique57?? and if so, what are your thoughts?
  9. *~Jessica~*

    Chia seeds (which one to buy?)

    I would like to try the chia seeds but dont know which ones (or kind) to get? Never knew too much about them until I read up on them here! GNC is having a pretty big sale and they have the "nutivia" organic seeds OR the "chiaLife". Which one should I get?? any advice would be greatly...
  10. *~Jessica~*

    shop cathe "contact us"link not working!

    found another solution....thanks
  11. *~Jessica~*

    Curious about 4lb weighted gloves...

    Does anyone here use them and are they happy with them? Not really liking the reviews on the web page....but I REALLLLLY want them. any info would be greatly appreciated :)
  12. *~Jessica~*

    cannot add more than 1 dvd to today's date

    cannot add more than 1 dvd on calandar. Have done 3 dvd's today (pre mixes) and only one is showing up.
  13. *~Jessica~*

    Steamed Lobster....

    I was so intrigued when I saw an advertisement on steamers with a pic of lobster tails being used in one of them, so I purchased one from amazon. I got the Hamilton Beach 2 tier steamer. I was a bit disappointed with the recipe/manual book it came with because it really doesnt give any detailed...
  14. *~Jessica~*

    oatmeal in green smoothie

    I will admit this is a weird question, BUT I need to know the answer.... When a green smoothie recipe calls for oatmeal, do they mean dry OR cooked?? I have been making mine UNcooked but I recently came across another recipe that used the term cooked oatmeal :confused::o the recipe I...
  15. *~Jessica~*

    anyone using facebook/wo manager?

    I went ahead and added the workout manager app to my facebook profile but it doesn't seem to be very active :( It's like walking into a ghost town when I went to the site...anyone here have the app to their profile? OR am I missing something?
  16. *~Jessica~*

    question about Bmr

    Hi Cathe and crew... I was wondering what the BMR is on the w/o manager,what it means AND where it should be at? (the number). thanks
  17. *~Jessica~*

    BMR (?)

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this. I was wondering what the BMR is on the w/o manager,what it means AND where it should be at? I have not seen this before and well........I'm not real sure if the number that is reading on my calendar profile is correct. it seems awful high :o
  18. *~Jessica~*

    trying to add w/o to calandar

    How can I enter the "cardio and weights" dvd to the calender and have it registered? there is no option for the workout in the selection drop down menu. I then just entered it manually, but the calories/duration,etc are not being calculated:( is there a way to fix this? any help appreciated:)
  19. *~Jessica~*

    Need to purchase a new Blender....

    Hello!! I am in dire need to replace my old blender and cant seem to find one that really does the job! I have been making the Bfast Blast smoothies and now the new blender I got just doesn't seem to break up the spinach very well:confused: It is an Oster Fusion with a 450 power level.
  20. *~Jessica~*

    New member

    Hello Cathletes :D My Name is Jessica and I just found Cathe and the fit tv channel as we made the switch from dish to direct tv! I have always been a fitness enthusiast but I gotta say, Cathe has given me a whole new sense of encouragement that I really needed! I was extremely bored with...