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    Question regarding spinning DVD

    What kind of bike is required for the spinning DVD? We have a cheap stationery bike, can you use that? Or do you need certain features to use it? I've never worked out in a gym (have worked out to Cathe and other exercise DVDs for the past 20 years!) so I don't know what a spinning class is or...
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    Getting Workout Manager off Facebook

    Being new to facebook and unaware of what the consequence would be, I clicked on the facebook icon while on workout manager. The next thing I knew all of the workouts I had just checked completed showed upon my facebook page (as if I had just done all the workouts within second of each other)...
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    Getting workout manager off Facebook

    I am new to facebook and trying to figure out how it works! When I clicked on facebook on Cathe's website, all of a sudden all my entries from Workout Manager appear on my facebook page everyday. I don't want them on my facebook, how do I get unconnected to Thanks, Cheryl
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    Hope I can keep up!

    Hi Cathe- I am getting so excited to meet you in San Diego! I have every single one of your workouts and have been working out with you for many years. However, as much as I love your workouts, I also love working out at home, so I can put you on "pause" for water, wipe down with towel...